Nastiya Kai ‘I’d Do Anything’ | PREMIERE

Noctis premiers the new forward-looking, fantasy-inspired, gripping ear worm ‘I’d Do Anything’ by alt-pop visionary Nastiya Kai. As a self-taught musician, Kai aims never to hold back and offer the most authentic insight into her life with a new album, ‘Demon Era.’ 

The premiering ‘I’d Do Anything’ compels the listener with a pondering, truthful, catchy contemplation of ‘what it feels like to be at the top.’‘ Charged with a genuinely infectious melody, Kai narrates her uncertain inner monologue. This extent of a prosperous future portrayed in the songstress’ single is not too far to reach. Still, it showcases Kai’s authenticity and relatability to question success, which is societally considered to be “a state of guaranteed happiness.”

Originally from Moscow, currently based in LA, Nastiya Kai has found solace in music after struggling with bullying, mental health issues, and loneliness at boarding school. Music was a constant through thick and thin. Kai’s devotion to the craft is more than evident. 

Releasing singles since 2023, Nastiya Kai prefaces the new, fresh off the bat, premiering single, ‘I’d Do Anything’: “I’d Do Anything” is a fantasy. This is me thinking about what it would be like when you make it to the top. Would it make one happier? Does your life actually change or does it become emptier the higher you climb? I wanted it to sound quite soft and gentle, so it feels like the narrator is walking on eggshells and unsure whether they belong or whether they’re doing anything right at all.

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Photographer: Anastacia Belyaeva

Words: Karolina Kramplova