Ella Rossi Drops a Hint on Alluring Track ‘Can’t You Tell’

Rising R&B sensation Ella Rossi returns with ‘Can’t You Tell,’ a captivating blend of relaxed pop and modern R&B. This flirtatiously charming track showcases Ella’s dynamic energy and vocal prowess, complemented by a laid-back yet bouncy beat. Collaborating with producer Gamal, the duo’s creative synergy shines as they playfully challenge, “can’t you tell?” Rossi’s multicultural influences, from San Diego to Italy, shape her colourful and infectious sound. After a two-year hiatus, this enticing single previews her upcoming debut EP, ‘Heart Eyes,’ promising more of her genre-blurring artistry. As Rossi’s alluring vocals resonate, ‘Can’t You Tell’ invites listeners to embrace its lighthearted spirit and follow their hearts in matters of romance. We caught up with Ella to find out more.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest single, ‘Can’t You Tell’? What led you to create a more playful and flirtatious sound compared to your previous work?

I honestly was eager to just try something new. At that time, I was very inspired by the subject of young heartbreak and that translated into these very romantic, almost dreamlike songs that I was writing. ‘Can’t you tell’ was a fun diversion of that while still incorporating that soothing sound I was known for.

The lyrics of ‘Can’t You Tell’ touch on the complexities of modern dating and communication. Could you elaborate on how you personally connect with the themes of the song?

As a young adult, most likely you’re having to deal with the intricacies of dating and meeting a lot of new people. I think with the takeover of social media and dating apps, the romance in meeting someone new has considerably faded. That being said, I find people have become more reserved with their feelings in fear of getting hurt. Personally, I know it can be scary to tell someone how you feel, not knowing if you’ll get rejected. The fun thing about ‘Can’t You Tell’ is the playfulness of trying to tell your crush you like them without explicitly saying anything. With this song, I wanted to bring back that rush of excitement in wanting to get dressed up for a date with the person you like, or flirting with someone new, not knowing where that will lead to.

Collaborating with producer Gamal seems to have played a significant role in bringing ‘Can’t You Tell’ to life. Could you share some insights into your collaborative process and how you two brought your creative visions together?

Gamal and I have been working together for the past two years. When we first started, my confidence in writing and general artistic vision were very ambiguous. I’d like to say Gamal has guided me and helped me come to terms with who I am as an artist and break out of my shell. ‘Can’t You Tell’ was a very collaborative project. I brought an initial melody to him acapella, and just a few days later I was sent this very fun beat with bright snaps and playful keys. Sonically, it was a very different direction for me and I was excited to explore that. Gamal ended up coming up with the verses and we finalized the lyrics together. The entire creative process was done over zoom, but we were able to lay down the main vocal together in person.

You’re fluent in multiple languages and have spent time in various countries. How has your multicultural background influenced your music, particularly in terms of the vibrant and infectious sound you’re known for?

I grew up around a lot of culture and I was able to learn a lot about different art forms in music at a very young age. I think in mixing my South American and European influences has allowed me to be more open to experimenting and playing with unique and fun sounds throughout my music making process.

As an artist, what do you hope your listeners take away from ‘Can’t You Tell’? How do you envision the song resonating with people and making an impact in today’s music landscape?

I hope my listeners are able to have fun with this song. I intended it to be very cheeky and lighthearted and hopefully that can inspire someone to translate that into their own personal relationships, old or new. I’m excited to show my audience how I’ve grown as an artist over the past two years, and Can’t You Tell is a sneak peek of more to come.

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