Jen Lush Converges Melody and Poetry on New Album ‘Hum Of The Mettle’

Hailing from Adelaide, Jen Lush has unveiled her latest tour de force, ‘Hum of the Mettle‘, commissioned for the esteemed Denmark Festival of Voice. This entrancing album is a harmonious marriage of contemporary Australian poetry and captivating melodies, a true auditory journey that beckons listeners into its evocative embrace.

Lush’s artistry effortlessly blends the poignant verses of Australian poets with a symphony of instruments, creating a sonic landscape that traverses both bustling urban realms and the vast expanse of desolate deserts. Themes of love, desolation, and the enduring spirit of the land resonate throughout, brought to life by Lush’s emotive vocal delivery and the intricate interplay of instruments.

I was inspired by a commissioned project to breathe new life into contemporary Australian poetry, weaving tales of the country’s resilience and stories within,” Lush shares.

The album’s dynamic compositions, brought to life by an ensemble cast of electric and acoustic guitars, keys, drums, and bass, offer a diverse yet harmonious experience. Lush’s vocals, at times reminiscent of spoken word, infuse each track with a melodic cadence, creating a rich tapestry of sound that captures the essence of both poetry and music.

Jen Lush’s musical journey, marked by her solo ventures since 2017 following a decade with folk band Cat Dog Bird, has earned her accolades, including the prestigious ARBA Roots Album of the Year for ‘Let Loose The Beating Birds’.

As ‘Hum of the Mettle’ takes center stage at the Denmark Festival of Voice, Lush invites audiences to immerse themselves in the enchanting blend of verse and melody, an exploration that delves deep into Australia’s literary and musical soul.

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