Elliphant’s New Found Sound

Swedish artist Elliphant makes a fierce statement with new single ‘THERAPY.’ Collaborating with music heavyweights like household names Diplo and Skrillex, Elliphant’s raw, punk-infused rap explores her journey to better mental health. ‘THERAPY’ signals a bold new era for the artist, pushing boundaries and amplifying her outspoken voice.

Known for multi-platinum success, headline tours, and contributions to major film soundtracks (‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’), Elliphant’s influence extends beyond music. Raised in Stockholm amidst challenges, Elliphant’s journey from a restaurant kitchen to international stardom is as unconventional as her music.

‘THERAPY’ isn’t just a song; it’s a bold statement, proving vulnerability and power can coexist seamlessly. The accompanying video is also a confrontational dive into inner demons, amplifying the track’s unapologetic intensity.

Alongside the newly released ‘TRENCH,’ ‘THERAPY’ is a teaser for Elliphant’s upcoming fourth album, ‘TROLL,’ a gritty blend of electronic punk, grime, and hip-hop influenced by her recent motherhood. In an exclusive chat with Elliphant, Noctis Magazine uncovers her joy of traveling and how connected it is to her music, we find out about her close relationship with Doja Cat and even touch on her life as a mother. 

Hey Elliphant! Your latest single ‘THERAPY’ has such a powerful and intense vibe. Can you share a bit about what inspired the track and how it reflects your journey towards better mental health?

I will always be crazy. Because I love crazy… but to be a healthy crazy, you need a channel to process your thoughts. I got therapy in my life. I got my music, my lyrics, my art and people who hear me. And most of all they accept and love me for me. 

‘THERAPY’ is the first taste of your upcoming album ‘TROLL,’ which sounds like an intriguing mix of electronic punk, grime, and hip-hop. How would you describe the overall theme and vibe of the album, especially considering the influence of recent motherhood?

Before I had my baby I was desperately longing for a child. Years passed and I had so much going for myself and I had found my voice. But at that time nothing was more important to me than having a baby. 

It was a very spiritual thing. A massive inner process… I took myself down. Made a soft album (Rocking Horse)… I drowned my wild voice and my drumming ego to get ready, it was a serious manifestation and from that I am a proud mother today – and the mission is complete. Now my work is to once again find my voice because, for me, I was born again giving birth. Now I start from scratch.  

Growing up in Stockholm amidst challenges, you’ve had quite a journey from working in a restaurant kitchen to dropping out and discovering yourself in India. How did those experiences shape your perspective, and did they play a role in steering you towards a music career?

For me, it was crucial to get away. When I went traveling I met a new version of me. When you’re born into a situation you instantly inherit a reflection of your people and as a dandelion kid I felt hopeless! But still so proud. When I travelled I had the chance to be witnessed and experienced through the eyes of strangers. That’s how I realized there was so much more to me than I thought. Because I am a child of a single mother with addiction, I suffered from control issues and codependency. As I travelled so early in life I realized that life is a stream and I stopped struggling and just followed it – that’s how I ended up with Elliphant. (I still suffer though)

Your debut single, ‘Tekkno Scene,’ marked a breakthrough moment in your career. Looking back, how do you feel about that time and the journey that followed, especially considering the diverse collaborations and achievements you’ve had since then?

I don’t know how I feel about the past because I don’t have time to look back much. But I know there was a lot of darkness and happiness mashed up by stepping into the music industry and coming from a very fresh sense of creativity. I felt a bit cursed! But it was a blessing because, for the first time, I had people with me. For the first time, I felt appreciated in the group of other humans. That was the biggest lesson when I started to create music. The power of collaboration is crazy. 

Your music has been featured in a variety of soundtracks, from ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse to ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ How does it feel to see your music contribute to different visual experiences, and do you approach creating soundtracks differently than your solo work?

I’m obsessed with the crew vibe. The feeling of being a part of something bigger, the flock! Am crazy about the dimensions created when my music ends up in film. That’s also why I love making music videos. It just adds a new and bigger dimension to the message. 

You’ve collaborated with some heavyweights in the music industry, including Diplo, Doja Cat, and Skrillex. Can you share a memorable experience from one of those collaborations that stands out to you?

It’s impossible to not think about Doja Cat when you ask me that question… I came to LA as a little green thing and met these heavy people like Dr. Luke who later ended up signing my project. To him, I was desperately looking for a soul in this fake Hollywood world. And when he showed me what he had in his stall, the only person that spoke to me was Doja Cat. I had also followed her in the past on sound cloud and she ended up opening for me on a few shows, we even made a few tunes together like ‘Purple Light’ and ‘My pussy dropin Crystals’ – that was one song we worked on that never got finished! No one in the industry understood us lol… Anyway, it’s been a blessing to see her taking over! She’s bright like a diamond! It’s a relief. Her artistry brings hope to people like myself. Big up. 

With such a diverse musical background, from techno scenes in Stockholm to the dubstep underground in the UK, how do you think these influences have shaped your sound over the years?

I don’t care about music! I look for the soul. Like a vampire, I suck blood in the dark. Nighttime base music is my lullaby.

Looking ahead, what are your plans for the future? Are there any upcoming projects or goals you’re excited about that you can give us a sneak peek into?

Hahahahahaha hohoho hehe… yes, haha! NO.

Not really. Am cookin’ my witch soup. We will see who dares to taste it. 

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Words: Izabel Rose