Matty Frank Releases Experimental Indie Dance Track ‘Moth’

In the dimly lit realm of experimental indie music, Matty Frank emerges from the shadows with his latest single, “Moth.” This audacious creation, a dance-oriented departure from his usual moody folk-rock landscape, marks a seismic shift in the artist’s sonic exploration.

Self-taught in the realms of music and engineering, Matty combines powerhouse pop and R&B vocal runs with introspective indie. Through his music he challenges preconceptions, proving that the queer narrative extends far beyond same-sex attraction.

Crafted entirely by Matty himself, “Moth” pulsates with the electronic heartbeat of the Omnichord OM-84, a relic from analogue history that found its way into his hands in 2022. This electronic iteration of the autoharp, with its organic chirps, trills, drones, and beats, serves as the perfect vessel for his thematic ode to nature, seamlessly blending the electronic with the primal.

Matty says, “The origin of ‘Moth’ began while I was showing my new Omnichord to my brother. It sounded like the theme of an imp, a scoundrel, scamp, trickster, rascal, scallywag. This took me right to having a bonfire.” The song’s repeated lines echo a simple desire to ablaze the burdens of bills, money, and memories, invoking the primal connection between fire, nature, and our untamed selves.

For Matty, “Moth” signifies a bold departure, both musically and thematically. The track encourages listeners to let go of societal expectations, to surrender paper to flames, and, in his words, to shed “some sanity, the need to maintain an appearance.” It’s a dance-infused escapade that invites us to embrace our impish inclinations and dance around the bonfire of self-restraint.

The release of “Moth” marks a pivotal point in Matty’s journey, teasing what lies ahead on his forthcoming album, “Dooda,” set to drop early next year. In the flickering glow of “Moth,” Matty asks us to join him in a dance of liberation, inviting us to shed our inhibitions and embrace the untamed spirit that resides within us all.

Matty Frank speaks exclusively about his new visuals for “Moth”: “The music video is a character study of who I see as the manifestation of the tone of the song. A little pranky, a little silly, a little woodsy and elf-like, this being is as chaotic and unpredictable as the parts of Moth itself. It features a ragtag outfit that was pretty much my 2022 Halloween costume, which I described as a traditional sheet ghost that haunted a fancy curtain instead. I had yet to think of all of the themes of this album at the time, but I knew I wanted it to be full of intricate sounds and details and strong colors; the burgundy and gold brocade fabric made for a perfect representation of this and the floral factor I wanted to convey.”

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Words: Izabel Rose