EMMI IIDA ‘Energy Guru’ | Premiere

Close your eyes. What do you see? Calm your thoughts and put your daydreaming hat on. Tap into your higher self and help your brain envision yourself in a state of pure tranquility, dancing in serenity, reaching your full potential. This practice of combining universal energies is the canvas of EMMI IIDA‘s new premiering single ‘Energy Guru.’ 

Who is EMMI IIDA? She is an internationally recognised Finnish visual artist, holistic interior architect, and musician. IIDA has hosted solo art exhibitions worldwide, from Barcelona to Los Angeles. Guided by her angelic vocals, music is her newest endovenour and a self-expression tool intended to help stimulate one’s higher self. 

‘Energy Guru’ is the Finnish newcomer’s second official release, following her successful debut ‘Blooming.’ Listening to EMMI IIDA, you will observe her soft yet educating and empowering wordplay that aims to inspire and uplift. The instant emotion with ‘Energy Guru’ revolves around the craving and even thirst for freedom, a sense of purpose, and serenity we’re all so desperately looking for. 

Translating her passion for creating and expressing herself in unlimited forms, EMMI IIDA founded her own company EFG Productions OY, and record label EFG Records Oy; both focus on bringing holistic well-being and union with healing frequencies. 

The host of these healing vocals, EMMI IIDA, exclusively shares more about the inspiration behind her premiering single: Energy Guru is about standing in your power as your higher self, the best and most aligned version of yourself, having all the chakras balanced, feeling excited and inspired about life, connected with the divine and celebrating life with the colorful orchestra! Feeling true happiness! Energy guru is about that inner, higher self, that keeps talking to you in meditation, bringing colors into your life and the feeling of being surrounded by the enormous, never ending love of the Universe.” 

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Photographer: Seb Luke-Virgo, Jasper Sommer

Words: Karolina Kramplova