Eric Redd | Looking Ahead to 2024

As we step into the new year, we sit down with Eric Redd, an artist whose journey has taken him from the heart of New York to the vibrant music scene of Europe. With a unique blend of European Electronic sounds and American soul, Eric shares his excitement for this new chapter and his determination to chart his own creative path. In this interview, he reflects on his journey, traditions, and resolutions, offering insights for artists and music enthusiasts alike; now, join us in discovering what lies ahead for Eric Redd in 2024.

What excites you the most about the new year, and how do you plan to channel that excitement into your music and career? 

I just moved to Europe after many years in New York.  I have always wanted to create my own sound that mixes European Electronic sounds and American soul. Vocalists in Dance music generally follow the lead of the producers vision. Because I’m Songwriter and Producer, I get the option to create the story and the fabric that accompanies it. This will be a new beginning for me. 

As the calendar turns, can you share a personal tradition or ritual that helps set a positive tone and inspires your creativity for the upcoming year? 

I close out every year even, when I was a dancer, looking at the art I’ve created in that past year. Then I try to realize where I want to go. Usually, there is something intriguing or swirling around in my imagination that I want to expericence or try. I use that as fuel to charge my creativity for the coming year. This year, I’m in a totally new environment… so I’m on fire! 

The new year often symbolizes a fresh start. Are there any habits or practices you intend to leave behind or adopt to enhance your musical journey in 2024?

Definitely. Paying attention to music charts is the first thing I’m eliminating out of my focus. This horse race in our industry can be a death knell to personal creativity. I’m no longer willing to associate myself with the box they need to put artists in. I’m going to go where my music taste runs and follow my own lead. I’ve spent too much time in the last years listening to business people. Many have tried to help and for that I’m grateful… I wouldn’t have gotten here without them. But it’s a new year. 

In the world of Electronic music, trends can evolve rapidly; what trends or shifts in the industry do you anticipate playing a significant role in the new year, and how do you plan to adapt? 

I try to not follow trends. Nor do I work to adapt to them. Many times I think things in my career would have moved faster if I had, but an artist should try to be true to him or herself and that voice speaking from the inside.  Much of today’s Dance music feels derivative of other styles or songs already completed. So, it’s like a television re-run. Having done various things in my career, I like exploring to find something that is new to me. 

Looking back on your musical catalog, is there a particular track or project from your past that you feel has prepared you best for the challenges and opportunities the new year may bring? 

Years ago I released a track called, “All Over”. It was written by myself and Tim Lefebvre. (brilliant Jazz bassist) This was a fun Tech House song with changing time signatures and a Rockabilly-type ending, inside of a Dance groove. Because it wasn’t a “Soulful House-type thing” that fit into the slot my image seemed to promote, it was forgotten upon it’s release. Turns out the song is a huge hit in my live shows. Another example to follow my own lead. 

As you set new goals for yourself in the new year, can you share an example of a past goal that you successfully achieved and the key strategies that helped you reach it? 

Last year I produced the majority of the tracks on my album, “Life….with Subtitles.” It was big step for me to record, mix and master my own tracks because I always relied on the opinions and help of others to finish a project. I’m grateful for all the people that have helped me along the way, but it was time to really take hold of my own vision. People associate a successful career with fame, adoration or money. But artistic fullfilment really comes from a deeper place.  

The new year often brings a sense of renewal and reinvention. Are there any specific areas of your artistry that you plan to refine or elevate in the coming year to take your craft to the next level?

This is the year I want to explore my boundaries. I want to try to merge some of the things I hear that I love, with what I create. Before, I tried to always stay within the confines of what was considered “Dance Music”. Now, I just plan to let the music take me where it wants to go. That said, I always want to dance.

Can you tell us about a specific moment or experience from your career in this past year that has fueled your determination and passion to make the most of the coming months?

I did a show in Ibiza this summer that had a higher level of personal energy for me. Living in Europe, and performing here suddenly gave me a new sense of freedom. I felt more of my own Dance music voice coming forward instead of trying to fit into the fabric of an industry sound. I’m a performer first and I realized finally that what I have to offer is really singular and I have to go with my gut, even when it’s not “on trend”.

As you embark on this journey into the new year, what advice would you give to emerging artists who are looking up to you as a source of inspiration and guidance? 

Follow your gut. Use your intuition to fuel your creativity. Stay away from following the voices of the crowd. It’s the only way to make your own mark in this business for the long run. True talent is forever. And never, ever, hurt anyone. Kindness is the rule. 

Can you describe a memorable moment from your career that occurred around New Year’s Eve or the beginning of a new year, and how did it shape your outlook and aspirations? 

I’ve done many NYE shows around the world. From Las Vegas to Russia.  

But the most memorable one was the night that I fired my agent at the end of the show. 

He was one of the most financially beneficial agents I had up to that point in my career, (I was singing at corporate events) but absolutely lethal to any artist pursuing his dreams. And once an amazing person that money and success ruined. I decided that night to follow my intuition and never looked back. Best decision I ever made. 

As we conclude this insightful conversation with Eric Redd, we’re surely inspired by his commitment to authenticity and creativity in the always evolving world of Electronic Dance music. And while he embarks on a new year and a fresh chapter in his career, we are eager to learn more about the exciting and innovative music that lies ahead, we thank Eric, for sharing his journey, wisdom, and aspirations with us, and make sure to follow him across social media to remain updated on his new shows, releases and news.

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