Flowerovlove Is On Her Way

London raised musician-come-model-come-director Flowerovlove has firmly planted her roots in the music scene this year. In the midst of spring with summer on the horizon, Flowerovlove blooms on to the music scene with her indie dream-pop debut EP, ‘Think Flower’, a sun-kissed project, produced with Wilfred Cisse and mixed by Nina Madley.

Flowerovlove shows how her talents aren’t limited to producing music, but also directing and editing her own music videos. The EP’s track, ‘On My Way’, perfectly epitomises Flowerovlove’s own journey through the musical wilderness as she sets out to chase her dreams and visions of the future, whilst ‘Dancing in the Rain’ uses mellifluous vocals and drums that insue a sense of her Ivorian roots. We chat to the youthful musician to learn a few things about growing creatively.

How would you best describe your music and what made you choose this path?

I’d describe my music as Flowerovlove. Flower representing blossoming, branching and growing. Love representing being in nature, nurturing your body and constantly radiating love to everything.

I’ve always adored music. I love how it allows you to enter the creator’s universe. From listening to One Direction at a very young age to now listening to The Strokes, I know that making music people can connect with a feeling such as nostalgia is what I want to do. From early 2020, I decided to live my dreams making music and releasing it into the world.

If you could collaborate sounds with anyone, who would it be and why?

I’d collaborate with UMI. I love how in touch with nature she is – which is projected in her sound. We’d definitely create something magnificent.

You are brave creating something and putting it out into the world at a young age. Has your youth had any influence over your music career?

Definitely. I still live a lifestyle as a growing teenager who attends school. Making music at my age is really intriguing because it zooms in on a perspective as I grow and experience events in my life. Each sound kind of reflects a feeling so, ‘Unseen Miracles’ is very jittery yet the vocals soft and mellow, giving a sense of nostalgia… My debut EP which came out 14th May, ‘Think flower’, is all about loving everything about you, from the way you laugh to the way you dance. It’s super important to me to push that message: to be in love with yourself! Your existence is power.

You direct and edit your own music videos too – how do you find inspiration for this?

For the videos, it’s really what goes with the vibe of the song. I also think about something I’ve enjoyed watching, like TikToks. This is why ‘Kiss & Chase’ and ‘Unseen Miracles’ use music videos that are set up like TikToks – like 4 frames, quick shots showcasing me doing things I enjoy. My favourite part is definitely putting the clips together and seeing everything merge into a physical thing that was my vision.

Do you have any advice for anyone who might be a bit lost on their own journey?

It’s okay to not know everything now because you’ll figure it out. Everything you want is on its way. There is absolutely NOTHING you cannot do. What other people think doesn’t matter, it’s about how you feel about what they think. You are the greatest guide in your life. You will rise up from anything, nothing is permanent if you don’t want it to be. No matter how far away your dreams may seem, in each step you take they get closer. You’re beautiful. Own it. Create your universe and live your dreams.

What does the future look like for Flowerovlove?

Be excited, there’s so many fun things coming…

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Words: Ali Townsend
Photography: Erin Hambly