À La Croisée Des Chemins | Editorial

This story is the result of the intertwined works of my mother, painter, and myself, photographer. It focuses on the specific elements present in my mother’s work which have influenced my art while growing up and my photography today. These elements are colors, hands, proportions, and movements.

Alma Rosaz

Photography: Alma Rosaz

Paintings: Diane Rosaz

Styling: Charley Van Purpz

Make-up: Charlotte Fitzjohn

Hair: Martha Mackintosh

Models: Shellie Seymour, Esther, Sophia and Chantel – all signed MA Tarja Rolston

Brands – Sorapol, Monique Singh, Hemsley London, IntoGaia, Monique Singh, Magpies & Peacocks.

All Accessories – Stylist Owned