Franki Shares Reflective New Track ‘Redo’

Emerging pop-powerhouse, Franki today returns with his latest single ‘Redo’. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, ‘Redo’ is soaked in noughties nostalgia, blending groovy guitar lines with chillwave pads throughout. It’s a song that’s a clear ode to his youth, with nods to the likes of M83, Temper trap and The Naked and Famous, merging a subtle electronic tinge with a totally classic acoustic sound. It marks the artists fourth single to date, after a debut year in 2020, consistently turning heads, it’s only a matter of time before more people become aware of the singer’s talents. 

Explaining the meaning behind his latest single, Franki states: “Redo was the first song I ever wrote for this project and came at a time when I was second-guessing myself a lot and questioning all of my decisions, wanting to go back and do them again. Especially when it came to relationships. I think people generally have an issue with absolving themselves of responsibility and I wanted to honestly reflect my own arrogance. I think doing that and being this honest with myself in my songwriting has been extremely valuable to me since then and that honesty in my songs is something I hold quite close”

Having wowed listeners earlier this year with upbeat, pop banger, ‘are u gonna’, ‘Redo’ acts as the perfect follow up release. A song that tells a story of Franki’s own imperfections and through self-reflection, the singer attempts to make himself a better person. Thinking how his actions affect others and moving away from that self-contained arrogance is something we can all learn from, no one is without faults after all. 

It’s very early on in Franki’s journey but the signs are promising. Already proving himself to be thought-provoking songwriter, with no topic off the table, the artist looks sure to relate to many listeners in the future. With a sound close to his heart and a powerful voice, ‘Redo’ shows an artist with great potential, which we’re sure the world will realise before long. 

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Words: Jake Wright