VISSIA Debuts ‘With Pleasure’

Hailing from the frosty landscape of Alberta, VISSIA is a songsmith with the rare juxtaposition of grit, internal strength, and a certain sweetness—qualities that shine through in every track of the album. With shimmering shards of HAIM and powerful hints of Adele and Lana Del Ray, VISSIA documents her inner world throughout ‘With Pleasure in a way that is insightful and refreshing.

From the LP’s first track, ‘Doorway’ to the concluding notes of ‘About Moving On’, VISSIA takes you on a kaleidoscopic journey of nostalgia, growth, and living life to its fullest. While standout track ‘The Cliffs’ is a laid back, groove-laced anthem that celebrates the solace you can find in your loved ones and the power of standing together through life’s various trials and tribulations.

In contrast, ‘Never Gonna Be The Same’ is a dreamy piece of alt-pop with vocal hooks that linger in the mind for days. ‘High With U’ is a sparky upbeat tune that floats the listener into the arms of the album’s final track, ‘About Moving On’—an introspective lo-fi song based on navigating life’s constant and continual changes.

Every single track on the album weaves together naturally, offering something that entertains, inspires, and leaves you pondering your own existence with a smile.

Speaking about making ‘With Pleasure’, VISSIA explains:

“When I started writing ‘With Pleasure’, I had a completely different idea for what I thought the project was going to be. I thought I was going to make this, I don’t know, serious album, but when I sat down to write for it, that concept just didn’t feel right. Everybody will tell you your whole life, ‘Be true to yourself,’ but I don’t think it’s something you really understand until you are actually doing it.”

‘With Pleasure’ is out now and destined for great things.

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Words: Dan Hughes