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Known for her enriching soundscapes and euphoric vocal energy, emerging pop singer-songwriter Juls is rapidly rising into the scene. With fresh perspectives and a truly enchanting catalogue to date, there really is no limit to Juls’ creativity.

Now, she is back with her latest offering “Heartbreaker”. In a dreamy ode to the cycles of heartbreak, her new single reverberates with her passion for people and pop-perfection alike.

No theme is off the cards for Juls, as she explores the trials and tribulations of adolescence, love and loss in her completely unique way.

As she continues to radiate with her multidisciplinary talents and enthralling musicality, Juls catches up with Noctis to give us the lowdown on her latest single “Heartbreaker”.

Hi Juls! Congratulations on the release of your latest single “Heartbreaker”! Before we delve into your latest release, let’s take it back to the beginning. Your love for music started at just eight years old! How did you know music was your calling?

Hi, thanks so much for having me! I began humming and singing before I could even really talk; my fierce admiration for music was evident from a really young age, and one of my earliest memories is watching my grandfather’s hands fly across the keys of his piano. My mom said I would sit on the piano stool with him and listen for hours, only becoming antsy when she tried to move me away from the music. Undoubtedly, my pull towards music has always felt innate and reverent, and this passion has only intensified with age. 

The connection you share with your sister, and manager Jacqs is wonderful to see. How have you found the support from family and friends over the years?

Jacqs has been my best friend, sister, and manager since the very beginning; there couldn’t be a Juls without Jacqs. We have watched each other grow up and being on this journey together has been incredibly special for both of us. As humans, we are all blessed with certain gifts – natural abilities, talents, passions, or people. One thing I’ve been extremely blessed to have is an incredibly supportive family; I don’t think I could do what I do without their unconditional love and support. 

You make several references to the ocean across your catalog to date. How has this shaped you and your sound?  

I think that my music is most inspired by the ocean. In my opinion, life is a lot like swimming in the ocean: scary, exhilarating, dangerous, beautiful, and breathtaking all at once. The ocean feels creatively charged, and in high school, I often found myself driving to the water to write. I believe that my sound reflects the feeling of the ocean because a shared thread of depth and ethereality runs through both.

Growth seems to be one of your most overarching themes. How has this been intertwined into your new single “Heartbreaker”?  

I read “The Fault in Our Stars” in my early highschool years and one quote really stuck with me: “it’s a metaphor, see: you put the killing thing between your teeth, but you don’t give it the power to do its killing.” This song is about a girl who puts the killing thing between her teeth – who thinks she won’t give it the power to hurt her, but who lets its intoxicating taste cloud her better judgment. It’s about a girl who watches as the same flame she was once so enamored with grows and engulfs the reflection of the girl she once was. She may never be the same but that’s kinda the point.. our hardships, our losses turn us into new, better versions. This is not a song of loss or sorrow, but rather it’s a song of growth and empowerment. If you take one thing away from this song, I hope it’s this: the story doesn’t end with the ashes.. they simply mark a new beginning.

You mention that you wrote the hook for this song in your bedroom in Los Angeles. How did the location inspire you?

LA influenced my writing by offering me a new set of experiences and lens to view life through; I consider LA to be one of the most creatively charged places in the world, with artwork decorating the sides of every building and dreamers lining the pavement of every street. I knew I wanted to live here since I was a little girl, and it has truly exceeded my every expectation.

Who has inspired you the most on your musical journey so far?

Definitely Lana del Rey. I quite simply think she’s a genius and might even be an alien from another planet. Lana is the entire reason I wanted to become an artist, and I don’t think I could be half the lyricist and writer that I have become without her artistic influence. 

You continue to remind people of the magic in the small moments! How has the fan reaction been recently?

The fan reaction has been nothing short of magical; recently, people have even been stopping me on the way to class and saying “Juls! I love your song!” haha. It’s really cool to see people getting behind my new music because I honestly wasn’t sure if people would like my darker, deeper hues. I’m so excited that they seem to be embracing this sound because it’s what is most fun for me to create; I love intelligent, fearless angst writing (ahem.. my love for Lana).

What do you have planned for the last of 2022 and beyond? Any new music or exciting live performances we can look forward to?

For the rest of 2022, I’m really looking forward to playing live around LA! I have a show at Molly Malones on 10/20 as well as a charity concert on 11/6 for an incredible cause whose mission is to focus on sustainability and  helping our planet. I am also performing at the Viper Room Lounge on 11/19. I can’t wait and hope to see you guys there!

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Words: Alexander Williams