Holly Humberstone Live at O2 Forum Kentish Town

It’s natural to have expectations when you go to a live show. It’s even more natural to have expectations when you go to a live show of your favorite artist. And what one of the UK’s leading artists Holly Humberstone, did for me goes beyond anything I ever hoped for.

Entering the halls of O2 Forum Kentish Town, the crowd is more heterogeneous than expected. Various age groups fill the stalls in anticipation of seeing the 22-year-old blow everyone’s mind at her biggest headline show to date. No signs of anyone fatigued, partied out after the Bank Holiday, quite the contrary.

Once people found their spot, they did not dare to make a move. Lights go off, and there she is; radiant Holly Humberstone makes her way to the stage and casually walks into a cheering crowd. Rocking her signature arm-long lacey gloves, Humberstone starts off with ‘Vanilla.’

You see her change between a lime green electric guitar and a piano throughout the show. After sweetly greeting everyone, she follows with ‘Thursday,’ which is eloquently heartbreaking; she sings: “I was kind of hoping, you were kind of broken too.”

For the next ‘Please Don’t Leave Just Quite Yet,‘ the stage turns green with rhythmic flickering moments, with minimum production. What is so special about this show is the crowd’s ability to slow down with Humberstone depending on the track. For ‘Please Don’t Leave Just Quite Yet,’ the world seems to shut off, and the only thing you see and hear is her on the stage. Everyone sings along with ease.

Before performing ‘Deep End,’ one of her earlier singles, Humberstone prefaces the song’s inspiration. ‘Deep End’ was dedicated to Holly’s younger sister. And that’s when everyone remembers there is nothing as painful as seeing a family member or a loved one struggling with their mental health.

The one that probably speaks to everyone is the ode to London’s talent to make everyone feel loved and to be the loneliest city in the world at the same time. Humberstone wrote ‘London Is Lonely’ the first time she moved here and was consumed by the isolating London charm. But today, as she returned from her US tour, she says she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Singing along with ‘Scarlett,‘ you realise you could use many of Humberstone’s lyrics for quirky photo captions, slogan tees, or even tattoos – “I cried all the Summer away.” The song ends, and she leaves the stage.

Noone moves; the whole venue knows of the unspoken concert rule, the best for last. Not long, Holly Humberstone returns, saying, “you know I couldn’t leave you without the two biggest hist everyone came for, “and laughs. At the finish line, Humberstone performs ‘Falling Asleep At The Wheel‘ and ‘THe Walls Are Way Too Thin.’

On Monday, June 6th, Holly Humberstone ruled the interiors of O2 Forum Kentish Town, and made for an unforgettable evening. Showcasing her entire discography that’s one hit after another, Holly Humberstone is worth stardom, similar to the reigning queen Taylor Swift.

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Images: Sophie Vaughan

Words: Karolina Kramplova