Indie-Pop Duo Balcony Weekend Share New EP ‘a little bit, always’

From meeting through mutual friends, to building a connection as co-writers and launching an impressive career earlier this year, Balcony Weekend have a great story to tell. Singers and songwriters Labit and LeyeT grew up in Southern California and instantly clicked together as writing partners when they made a song about friendship called “Here For You.” Some time later, they found themselves on a trip to San Clemente with just an acoustic guitar sitting out on an oceanfront balcony, and ended up writing their first EP “Remember Everything,” which marked the birth of Balcony Weekend. 

Driven by lighthearted yet meaningful indie-pop gems such as “Time“ and “Through,” “Remember Everything” served as the perfect introduction of Balcony Weekend to the world. Coming to digital platforms via TH3RD BRAIN, it allowed the duo to secure spots on Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Pop and Apple Music’s Acoustic Summer, further driving their impressive trajectory.

Balcony Weekend know that keeping a consistent release schedule is paramount in today’s musical landscape, and quickly followed up “Remember Everything” with another batch of singles on TH3RD BRAIN such as the 4-on-the-floor bop “She Don’t Even Know” and the stunning, intimate ballad “Afraid.” 

Now, they have finally unveiled their second EP “a little bit, always” in full with its last single release “Moonlight,” which also comes alongside a playful music video, as well as a soothing Stripped version. “Moonlight” does an amazing job at solidifying Balcony Weekend’s new musical direction, which is further showcased throughout the EP, and carries a more upbeat energy in comparison to their previous work. 
Driven by ambient synth lines, sparkly guitar licks and organic drums, “Moonlight” is definitely a really strong single for Balcony Weekend. Labit and LeyeT have already displayed their immense chemistry multiple times, yet take their duet abilities one step further throughout the duration of “Moonlight,” providing their listeners with great vibes and impactful lyrics. 

The music video for “Moonlight” is equally as precious as its auditory counterpart, following Balcony Weekend as they hang out with their closest friends, laugh and have a great time. Cultivating long-lasting friendships is definitely very important for Labit and LeyeT, and this music video perfectly showcases just that.

“a little bit, always” is out now in full and Balcony Weekend should only be proud of what they have created over the span of a single year. With their infectious music and distinct visual identity, we’re excited to watch them continue their upwards trajectory and for what the future holds for them. 

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