Jessica Wilde ‘Wasted’ / ‘F*ck U I’m Sober Now’ | Video Premiere

After a wild ride, the South London singer Jessica Wilde turned her routine of mad parties, hazy drunken nights, and self-loathing into self-empowerment and going sober. Wilde marks this transition with her first release of the year with a Double A-side ‘Wasted’ / ‘F*ck U I’m Sober Now.’

With her talent for producing raw, honest lyrics, Wilde takes us on a journey into her past by returning full circle to her roots in Brixton. She combines spoken word/rap with her usual husky, punky pop-soul vocals.

Jessica Wilde shares what inspired her to put out ‘Wasted’ / ‘Fck U I’m Sober Now.’: “Too many double rums, then I talk some sht, once it’s left my tongue, I can’t run from it. Baby, I was wasted. This was a common story for me until I jumped on the sober wagon and have managed to stay riding it for a whole year today! So I’m screaming to my ex’s and my old self who didn’t believe I could do it ‘F*ck U I’m sober nowwww'”.

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Words: Karolina Kramplova