Joel Corry | 5 MINUTES WITH

With the release of his new single Sorry, Joel Corry has taken his music career to new heights. From performing the party anthem at top holiday destinations such as Ibiza over summer, and watching it skyrocket through the charts into the top 10, it’s clear to see the hit track has been well received by the public. We can easily see that it’s just the beginning for this upcoming DJ.

Hi Joel, so what drove you to start up a music career?

I got my first pair of decks for Christmas when I was 13, and have been hooked on DJing ever since. I could never see myself doing anything different in life. Music and DJing is my passion, and my dream is to play on the main stages around the world.

Who do you take most inspiration from?

Calvin Harris is the ultimate blueprint. His consistency is really inspiring. He found the balance of producing chart hit records, while staying credible and playing the biggest festivals around the world. He drifts between genres in his production, and is always raising the bar

What is the best and worst thing about being in the music industry?

The best thing about the music industry is working with like-minded creative people. Working on something you love and are passionate about never actually feels like ‘work’. The worst thing about the music industry is the fear of a record no connecting. However this pressure is actually a positive thing as it pushes you to work harder and be more creative.

You recently came out with the hit single “Sorry” – did you ever expect it to do as well as it’s done since being released?

I knew Sorry had the potential to do well, however I never expected it to become a top 10 hit record. I think the timing of the release really helped, it dropped just before summer started, and went on to become a big smash on the party resorts around Europe. The last four months have been a total dream come true.

How does it feel getting to play “Sorry” in front of crowds across Europe, including in Ibiza this summer?

It has been the best time of my life. I was lucky to be touring around Europe for four months while Sorry was becoming a hit. To watch it grow in front of my eyes was an amazing journey. I will never forget Summer 2019

Would you like to collaborate with anyone in the future?

My dream collaboration would be Kanye West. Kanye is the most creative artist of our generation, it would unreal to experience a studio session with him and watch his process. I would love to hear Kanye drop bars over some house beats! I would also love to work with Jax Jones, as he is setting the standard right now in commercial dance music and is a big role model of mine.

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Words: Kajal Patel