Kat Cunning | 5 MINUTES WITH

Kat Cunning, New York singer/songwriter enters Dean Street Studios in Soho with confidence yet fragility, introducing her new tracks and music video with simplicity, vulnerability, sense of humour and emotions.

Photography by Ben Trivett

She first introduces “Birds”, song but also music video, about doubts and overwhelming negative thoughts she sometimes has and her constant fight to face them. She calls her thoughts Birds, like little birds trying to take control over her mind, “a bit like Hitchcock’s “Birds””. With passion, she introduces Birds’ music video “This music video was born from a simple photoshoot I was doing with a photographer friend of mine. Even after few shots, I kept pushing for one more, one more and one more. I had the feeling we needed to push it. It turned out to be more a music video than a photoshoot itself. The theatre was gorgeous and I had an excellent team of photographer and dancers. In 30 min we’ve learned our choreography and that was it. Birds’ music video was born. It really visually and musically expresses struggling with negative thoughts and challenges we can face as people”.

An advocate for the LGBTQ community and body positivity, Kat Cunning is a rising voice on the NYC arts scene whose songs blend pop, soul, and Baroque arrangements. Drawing from her study of dance as well as her time on Broadway (Dangerous Liaisons, Cirque Du Soleil’s Paramour, Sleep No More) Kat’s live shows are often filled with theatrics, burlesque dancers and performative arts.

Her next song “Beautiful Boys”, even more personal, was about a friend of her she deeply loves that was a she and became a he. In this song she pledges her love for him and her loyalty. Follows “Broken Heart”, a song about heartache but also overcoming diving into the memories of the past.

She ends the listening party with an enchanting acoustic session in which she displays her strong voice, fragility and sensibility. Kat Cunning lives her music, her lyrics and the challenges and thoughts she faces very deeply with a touching ability to express them to the audience and the world.

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Words: Sarah-Louise Maillet