Kings Cvstle and Marz Fay Dig Deep on ‘Pour My Heart Out’

Creative rap duo Kings Cvstle join forces with Marz Fay for the emotionally captivating ‘Pour My Heart Out’- the second single to land from the pairs highly anticipated debut EP ‘En Route’ dropping later this year.

Identical twins Kings Cvstle have spent the last couple of years building a highly-impressive discography, serving up a uniquely melancholic and notably conscious style of music – connecting with listeners on a deep level and driving a fine balance between professionalism and artistic intent. Off the back of an array of singles, the pair have gained high-profile support from the likes of BBC, Earmilk, Lyrical Lemonade and more. This September welcomes a deeply heartfelt new arrival entitled ‘Pour My Heart Out’, as the multi-faceted brothers shine further light on their versatility alongside South London’s Marz Fay.

Featuring quietly expressive, poetic vocals from both the melodic hook and the increasingly passionate verses, ’Pour My Heart Out’ blends pop and rap qualities for a notably contemporary sound that aptly encapsulates many shared sentiments of modern life. Combining professionalism and fearlessly emotional writing, the new single connects for its intimacy and romanticism, whilst evolving to explore the ache of uncertainty and longing in unison with the clarity and optimism of love.

Speaking on the release, Kings Cvstle share: “In its purist form, art knows no prejudice nor boundaries. For us Pour My Heart Out is a personal and reflective track about pushing for love, hope and positive change.”

Emerging complete with an equally compelling set of visuals boldly reflective of the audio, the official music video starring Marz Fay is both romantic and sensual with a visual journey naturally suited to bridging the gap between hip hop and the queer community. The release effectively brings through a powerful visual and a globally accessible timeless sound, with a unique long-form hook that’s both refreshing and memorable, and a soundtrack that’s humble yet moving – keeping focus on the words, the overall vibe, and promising to set the mood in an instant.

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