KLEO Reveals Visionary New Single ‘INM’

Swinging from hyperpop to house and stopping off at everything in between, KLEO is an artist with a clear vision and immaculate execution.

 The Glaswegian producer/artist creates an immersive sonic experience on her new single ‘INM’, bringing bone-shaking bass and ethereal sensibilities to her sugar-sweet pop deliveries. Earth-shattering, rolling beats give ‘INM’ an irresistible power that is sure to put KLEO’s comeback firmly on the map.

Speaking about the single, she reveals: “When I first produced the beat for INM, before it became a song, I had this longing to explore this feeling or idea of not knowing who you are in the context of society; and not sure if you’re being yourself or just trying to fit in. The song is clocking in, clocking out, the daily commute, living for the weekend, meaningless connections, the inescapable digital self, tracking cookies, being just a number, cctv, ctrl + alt + delete, additives, stimulants, vitamins, meds, screen time, night time, no time, and trying to figure out who you are in relation to all that.” 

Pulling inspiration from hyperpop, darkpop, K-pop, house and trap, KLEO isn’t afraid to take her favourite musical elements and weave them together for unforgettable results. Calling herself a ‘half android, half human’, KLEO’s music is a social commentary on the post-digital age we live in, consumerism, capitalism and the commodification of human life. 2023 is sure to KLEO’s year.

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