Leonard Maassen ‘Take Me To Space’ | PREMIERE

Leonard Maassen returns with ‘Take Me To Space,’ the second single from his upcoming debut album, ‘Inside Cycles’. Following the acclaim of his previous release, ‘Colours,’ Maassen’s latest offering is a five-minute tapestry of elements, blending processed vocals, intricate synths, and cinematic atmospheres into a captivating journey. Inspired by the concept of evolutionary mismatch, the track explores the tension between digital overload and the beauty of human connection.

Accompanying the release is a visually stunning music video created in collaboration with director Oscar McNab, fusing AI technology with organic movement. Known for his international upbringing and eclectic musical style, Maassen draws from European electronic and UK jazz influences to create a distinctive sound.

Set for release in April 2024, the new album promises to delve into subjective experiences shaped by the digital age. Alongside his musical pursuits, Maassen has ventured into audio-visual installations, earning recognition for his innovative approach. As anticipation builds for the album, Maassen also prepares to embark on a UK/EU Tour, offering audiences an immersive live experience. With his track record of critical acclaim and boundary-pushing artistry, Leonard Maassen continues to cement his place as a pioneering force in electronic music.

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Photography: Sebastian Gardner