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When Tyler Lewis was scouted for the Little Mix show, her life’s trajectory suddenly took a turn, and a recording studio became her home. The 22-year-old rising star saw herself as a zookeeper and closeted private singer, but after seeing all the signs around her, Lewis started to see herself worthy of the spotlight.

This year, Lewis kicked off what is set to be a one-to-watch career with the unveiling of her debut single, ‘downtime. ‘ The track, which she referred to as ‘a warm hug,’ immaculately introduces her as an artist and her personality. With a new single, ‘fly on the wall,’ the songstress reafirms her star-factor energy and fierce character in a stellar music video depicting human nature’s curiosity.

In close collaboration with Grammy Award-winning artist and producer MNEK, Tyler Lewis learned, practiced, and worked to craft her sound based on her soulful vocals and the early 2000s R&B.

Learning more about her personality, Tyler Lewis presents as a solo star, paving her own way, grounded, and wanting to remember why she got into the industry in the first place. Lewis appears determined in the new ‘fly on the wall’ visuals, with hypnotising eye contact and magnetic delivery similar to Tinashe and Tate McRae’s.

For Noctis, Tyler Lewis opens up about the intimidating elements of being an artist and admits feeling outside her comfort zone, being a homebody, and upcoming show at this year’s Great Escape Festival.

This year, you released your debut single ‘downtime.’ How did you feel sharing your music with the world for the first time? 

Releasing ‘downtime’ was such an incredible feeling. Firstly, having music out for the first time is so surreal, but to see the amount of support it received was beyond what I imagined. It’s just made me so excited for everything to come! 

When did it click for you and your team that ‘downtime’ is the one to enter the scene with?

The day we wrote ‘downtime,’ I remember just thinking ‘this is my sound.’ Even though it was written 2 years ago, it was consistently a favourite among all of us, and I feel like it truly represents me as not only as an artist, but as a person too. 

How does ‘downtime’ introduce your personality and artist persona?

‘Downtime’ has always felt very warm to me. Kinda like a hug. I also resonate with the concept so much because It’s about just wanting to be home and in my room, and that’s how I always feel! Even when I watch the music video, I think ‘that’s me through and through!’  I just feel like ‘downtime’ as a whole really captures my personality and who I want to be as an artist. 

Bringing us behind the scenes, what are some of the things you did not know about but are a big part of becoming an artist?

Being an artist is sooooo out of my comfort zone. Shooting the music videos was a big thing for me. Even photoshoots. I hate being in front of the camera, and for a long time I was in this world of just making music and sitting in studios, which is really where my heart lies. Now I’m having to put myself out there in a whole different way. I’m getting used to it now, but it’s still very scary. 

Is a career in the music industry something you always wanted?

I never thought I’d be in the music industry. I genuinely thought that by now I’d be a zookeeper. Singing for me has always been something I did round the house, and I never saw that as being a job. It just didn’t seem in reach cause I knew no one, didn’t know how to find people to help and so I ruled it out completely. Luckily now I am able to say my passion is my job! 

What would you say were the main steps in your life that helped you getting where you are today?

The main thing that led me to where I am today is being scouted for the Little Mix show. That was what had led me to having music as a career now, but besides that, having a family that supported me in the first phase of getting into music was so pivotal!

What artist shaped you and motivated you the most?

Luther Vandross is my favourite artist of all time and I draw so much inspiration from him. He just seemed so authentic and the music was so raw. When I think of what I want my music to be like, I picture him for sure. 

As a newcomer, what goals did you set for yourself?

I don’t want to lose touch of why I started doing music in the first place. My favourite place to be is in the studio writing. I never want to stop doing that.

What is your new single ‘fly on the wall’ inspired by?

‘Fly on the wall’ is about wishing you could see what someone was like before they met you.  It is indeed inspired by true events because I used to be an insecure, nosy girlie which I have since gotten over (kinda lol).

How was the music video shoot?

The video shoot was scary. It was my first-ever shoot so I was more nervous than anything. It was very out of my comfort zone but overall it was a cool day! 

Where and when do you feel the most inspired?

I feel the most inspired when I’m ranting to my friends. That’s how fly on the wall came about. I was in a coffee shop with my friend when I started talking about wanting to be a fly on the wall in someone’s relationship! 

Do you think London influenced your sound at all?

London is very eclectic and there’s a million and one different genres going on at one time. I pull inspiration from everywhere, so London has definitely played a part in me finding my sound. 

What are some of your favourite spots in London?

I love the Natural History Museum with a burning passion and I don’t actually know why. It’s just interesting. I love anywhere that has a black sheep coffee shop. They have my heart. I also love Notting Hill. It’s always giving main character and I live for that. 

Do you have a mantra you like to live your life by?

It’s so lame but everything happens for a reason. It’s true though! 

Could you share any details about what else is to come this year?

I should have a few gigs coming up, one being The Great Escape in May, which is very exciting. I also might have another single which is my favourite song yet so that’s exciting!!! 

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Words: Karolina Kramplova