Lisey Tigra Comes In Guns Blazing On ‘Criminal Mind’

Not every day do we see a young artist demonstrate such versatility in only three minutes. Lisey Tigra comes in guns blazing in her visuals for ‘Criminal Mind’; serving us looks, choreo and a roaring guitar solo to top it off. In this iconic music video (or should we say music movie), we see Lisey embracing her dark side; overcoming a bad situation and coming out on the other side more powerful than ever. We know she will never be the same as we watch her transform from a white slip dress to a striking red villain look that seems as if it was pulled straight off the runway, in an elevator falling right down into the depths of hell. 

The ground-shaking synths, hypnotising drums and soft, sultry vocals that soon transform into powerful belts make up the perfect recipe for this alt-pop banger. Not to mention the guitar solo, that as we watch Lisey play her stunning axe by Gini Guitars, we are left with no doubt that she is fully in her element. It seems as if director Roisino and Lisey Tigra are a creative match made in heaven (or hell, perhaps), for their visions have come together to create an enchanting, awe-inspiring piece of audiovisual art.

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Direction and Art Direction: Roisino
Screenplay: Lisey Tigra & Roisino
Production, Edit and Grade: Madein.eden
Starring: Lisey Tigra & Ashley O’Brien
Movement Choreography: Tarek Khwiss
DoP Assistant Fhuad Braimoh
Dancers: Hannah Chandler & Ilana Richardson
Styling: Ellie Walker
Hair: Kaira Scorzelli
Makeup: Ayse Gonen
Art Direction Assistant: Ollie Kariel
Styling Assistant: Olive Sainsot Reynolds
Influencer Talent: yellabambi
Assisted by: Aj Hira, Nell Toomey, Freddie Campbell, Rebecca Ganjeh, Sousanne-nawal Grairi