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“Art is art because it’s not perfection,” says Lonr., the multi-hyphenate California born, Cape Cod, MA raised artist. Grew up feeling like the odd one out, using music as an escape, Lonr. can now call himself a GRAMMY Award-Winning singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer for contributing to H.E.R’s discography. Their collaboration was always so fruitful, Lonr.’s released ‘Make The Most’ featuring H.E..R as his single out of his highly anticipated self-titled debut EP ‘Land Of Nothing Real.’ 

It’s always intriguing to see how people, especially artists, describe themselves. By reading Lonr. ’s introduction you will quickly understand he is the guy you want a pep talk from and the guy who will change your perspective on life. 

“I’m an outgoing but laid-back unpredictable goofy dude who likes to see more in people and the world. Sometimes I have too much passion for the things that I believe in, but I’m OK with that. I’d say my music is very vulnerable, and I like to make whatever I’m feeling at that moment. Very spontaneous but never rushed, my music is cohesive and sound, but it’s always going to be different”, he opens up. 

Lonr. starts off by expressing how music was his only true passion and the most importantly, his only escape. He prefaces the beginning of it all: “It was when I graduated high school. I didn’t really have a plan. I wasn’t accepted to any major colleges. I had no ambition to finish community college, so I dropped out to chase the one thing I was passionate about”. 

He continues: “I always felt like the odd one out, and music was my main coping mechanism. Sometimes it would help me stand out, sometimes it would help me resonate with others, but most of all, it was my way to escape. The fact that there aren’t any rules for creating music, and it all comes from your mind, helps me express myself to this day”. 

Usually, it is the most creative people that spent their teenage years on the sidelines. I asked Lonr. to put together some wise words for all the kids out there going through a similar thing: 

“You got a look at it like this. Art is art because it’s not perfection. I look at people as art. If you feel different from everybody else, it’s the biggest blessing and opportunity that has been bestowed upon you, because you have something that nobody else can offer, your story, your perspective, that is the art itself. Everything has a cycle, and what’s cool today, will not always be cool tomorrow, so you have the opportunity to create the next “thing”. When you’re alone take the time to embrace who you are, and don’t let anybody make you feel otherwise. Because of most of the time, when we try to fit in, we’re betraying our true selves..so being the odd one out really is giving you a headstart on life because you’ve learned who you are early”. 

As a GRAMMY Award-Winning songwriter, Lonr. is confident about his sound and despite his experience, he still respects the process: “Even when I was young, I’ve always paid attention to music differently than others around me. When I listened to music as a kid, I would listen to the background and not even what the person is saying, so subconsciously it is like I’ve been taking in melodies and storing them my whole life. Whenever I’m writing to a track, I just hear it. But most of all, consistency is key because there’s so much more to making music than just melody. I had to learn a lot. I had to challenge myself and keep my mindset levelheaded and always looking towards the future,” he explains. 

Two of his breakout hits, ‘A.M.’ and ‘Safe Zone,’ blew up on the social media app TikTok. Before discussing TikTok’s power in terms of popularising music, Lonr. shares the backstory of his two singles: “While creating this EP I always had in mind that I wanted to show my versatility, so I wanted to create current vibes in my own sound. “A.M.” was the first lit factor! To show a side of my personality and who I am. And “Safe Zone” was when I really started to incorporate guitar into my production. I’m a big fan of all sides of rock. So it was something I was really excited about”, he elaborates. 

Formerly Musical.ly, TikTok holds power over what does and does not go viral like no other social media app. As Lonr. is one of the artists that blew up on the app, he gives a pretty valid outlook on the app’s influence: “TikTok is an insane app. The algorithm makes it so videos and things that are viral spread like wildfire, and there are so many possibilities to be creative on that app. Think about every time when we were young and we saw a music video and wanted to reenact it. TikTok gives anybody that opportunity to do what they want with their favorite song. It’s a great promoter. And I think in today’s world it’s music’s best friend”. 

The lead single ‘Make The Most’ out of his highly anticipated debut EP ‘Land Of Nothing Real’ features H.E.R. As they worked on her discography in the past, Lonr. unveils some behind-the-scenes of their collaborating relationship: “I was constantly making music at my crib, and I made this one song that’s actually on the EP’ Time’, that was the song that gave me my first step into the industry. My Big bro actually showed H.E.R. that song, and she liked the vibe, so we set up a writing session and wrote the song “Free” that’s on volume 2, and from there, we’ve always had a great relationship”. 

He also added more on the EP: “A lot of the songs off of the EP will probably get you in your feelings and make you think about your ex. One of my goals in music is to evoke as much emotion as possible. But there’s a nice transition between the two. So if you’re feeling too, there are songs to bring your energy back up. Overall this EP is a roller coaster of emotions”. 

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Words: Karolina Kramplova