Portrait of Eman | Fashion Film

‘Portrait of Eman’ is a short fashion film by British fashion photographer and filmmaker Esmé Moore, in collaboration with fashion design students Sofia Castellon and Fauve Penketh, who are currently studying at Central Saint Martins. After seeing this year’s annual White Show curated by Central Saints Martins, Esmé set out with the aim of bringing a few of these garments that are only ever seen on the catwalk and in images from behind the scenes, into a collaborative project with the designers who created them. 

Within Esmé’s recent film work there has been an ongoing focus on the different forms and meanings of female relationships. Told through the movement of up-and-coming model Eman Deng, ‘Portrait of Eman’ is an intricate insight into the relationship that a woman has with herself. One of anger, joy and angst in a world that is ever-increasingly public, riddled with external interference from others, and yet she remains so isolated. 


Direction and film edit: Esmé Moore.

Fashion designers: Fauve Penketh, Hongjoo Yeom and Sofia Castellon.

Sound: Martin Klem and Megan Wofford with Epidemic Sound.

Makeup and hair: Isabel Seo.

Models: Eman Deng and Josey M, represented by PRM Agency.

Photographic assistance: Charlotte Moore, Lucy Bilcock and Maria Saeki.