Make Way For Siena Liggins

Siena Liggins is no ordinary musician. She’s fully embraced the modern musical era, pushing back at any genre barriers in her way. Her music is emotional, real and documents her most inner thoughts and feelings. Liggins is back with a new irresistible single entitled ‘3 Bad.’ With infectious drum beats, heartwarming synths and signature-sounding vocals, we’re sure that ‘3 Bad’ will propel her to the top.

Siena, you’ve now fully placed yourself at the forefront of a new wave of pop music, but how and when did you start creating and listening to this genre? 

I grew up on music made in Detroit, MI which in my opinion is where pop music originated with Motown and that turned into me really loving the kind of music that was easy to digest and sing along to. It was natural for me to start writing songs that get stuck in your head– melodies you can’t forget.

Hyper-pop has only been widely recognized in the past couple of years. Do you think we’ll see the genre grow even further?

Definitely. It’s inevitable as the integration of technology and our everyday lives become more intertwined. The boundaries of music haven’t been fully explored the same way we only understand a fraction of a fraction of the galaxy we live in.  

Your latest single ‘3 Bad’ is a very personal offering. Is it important for you to create music that is true to your feelings and emotions? 

It’s everything for me to have the opportunity to share my experiences through my art and music because I think the feelings are universal. I’m singing about heartbreak on ‘3 Bad’– we’ve all been there, but there aren’t a ton of artists in the mainstream who sing about it like me. I know there’s someone who wants to hear it put like this.

Following on from this, when creating such a unique style of music, do you place more emphasis on the sonic sound of your releases or on your fantastic lyrics?

The emphasis is on every detail– the lyrics, the melodies, hundreds of takes and versions! If you heard the demos in my phone, you’d be overwhelmed.

What was it like sharing a stage with some of your heroes such as Lizzo, Doja Cat, King Princess, Baby Tate, Tkay Maidza, and Dreya Mac?

It’s an unreal feeling to share the stage with folks you look up to. I saw Lizzo on tour with SZA in like a 150-cap room in Lansing, MI years ago. It was a full circle moment to play the same stage as her at MOPOP in Detroit and then release my song ‘Girlfriend’ with the same co-writer who wrote on her smash Truth Hurts (Jesse Saint John). Mind blowing.

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Photography: Nate Sturley