PREMIERE: DARGZ ‘Love Will Take Me Higher’

Levitating between New York’s hip-hop sounds and London’s thriving jazz scene, producer and engineer DARGZ leaps with a genre-bending cut ‘Love Will Take Me Higher,’ an earworm worth any cinematic meet-cue.

Residing in London, DARGZ offers a musical blend of his cities, New York and London, on the premiering infectious single ‘Love Will Take Me Higher’ that creates a cinematic soundscape driven by love, dreams, and hope. DARGZ utilites talents of UK hip-hop MC K.I.N.E.T.I.K., and piano virtuoso Charlie Stacey to elevate the track’s uplifting messaging.

DARGZ talks about ‘Love Will Take Me Higher’: “When you get one of London’s (and the UK’s) finest piano players Charlie Stacey on a track something special is bound to happen. Charlie heard the soul beat I was making and got straight to work. Pair that with the rhymes of K.I.N.E.T.I.K (a Londoner whose musical heart is in NYC) and you’ve got the backpack rap inspired ‘Love Will Take Me Higher.'”

DARGZ compiled 13 tracks for his upcoming debut LP, fueled by love, love for family, friends, and cities. Amongst others, this LP will include an extended version of DARGZ’s last year single ‘Lou’s Tune,’ a remix by Tammy Takkis, and more collaborations with Moses Boyd, Charley Stacey, James Chelliah, Jayy Starr, Novelty Island, K.I.N.E.T.I.K. & Simon Dufour.

He elaborates on inspirations and the LP being one long jam session: “I wanted to combine the Hip-Hop sounds I grew up with in 90’s New York with the pulsing sounds of today’s London’s thriving jazz scene. While so many 90s producers dug into the Jazz greats of the 70s, there are some fantastic players right here at my doorstep who I’ve been lucky enough to jam with on this album.”

Listen to ‘Love Will Take Me Higher’ out now.

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Words: Karolina Kramplova