Manna ‘Sundress’ | Premiere

“Being a black woman is intimidating to a lot of the world, but that’s not our problem, so it encouraged me to be me regardless of what anyone says or thinks, I’m a firecracker in that way.”

Says Manna, a singer/songwriter, and a model from London. The Jamaican-Lebanese model releases her debut single ‘Sundress.’ After being featured in multiple campaigns and editorial such as Elle and Body Shop, Manna also creates soulful music with her raspy voice.

She presents the first snippet of her sweet home jazz with ‘Sundress’: “The song is really about being able to express your sexuality and affection. I want other people to know that you can flaunt in front of your partner. They should be really into you. My music is very much about love, intimacy, and sex – that’s because it’s personal, it’s so powerful. A good song that you can slow whine to has the capacity to make my day so bright, and that’s what I love to share with the world”.

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Words: Karolina Kramplova