Monro & Amaria ‘Dark Eyes’ | Video Premiere

Multi-genre producer Monro teams up with a rising R&B songstress Amaria for their new single and accompanying music video for ‘Dark Eyes.’ The duo performs under purple-red undertones with background smoke serving an undeniable dark yet alluring ambiance.

The UK based producer Monro elaborates on the behind-the-scenes of ‘Dark Eyes’ and the melancholy mood matching color with sound: “Myself and Amaria did two days of sessions back to back and made Dark Eyes on the second day. We’d made a couple of great songs the day before, so we had no pressure to make a full song in one day, and there really were no expectations. We were both in a darker mood at this point and had been listening to some melancholy type vibes. I started playing the chords, and within 30 minutes of laying a skeleton beat down, Amaria was in the booth laying down melody ideas and piecing together lyrics.

Amaria compliments Monro’s soulful synths with her unique persona; Monro explains their inspiration: “The vibe of the song is a melancholy, dream-like like state, I wanted to capture the same energy with the visuals. For the video, it was important the colors matched the sounds and the shots to keep the dreamy feel of the song”.

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Words: Karolina Kramplova