Multifaceted Artist Vicky Pasion Shares Heartfelt Single ‘HEAVY’

Soul star Vicky Pasion is best described as a multifaceted talent. With an ever-growing fan base rising from her North-West London roots, the artist, entrepreneur, performer and activist’s rise to creative excellence is a brief waiting game for us onlookers. Wowing a sold out launch show for her EP “Valley of the Ashes” last year, at Islington’s O2 Academy, is one of the young artist’s many impressive accolades; alongside starring in several West End productions. Vicky has also been credited as the one to watch by multiple industry tastemakers, by now, it should be no surprise why we’ve been dying to see what’s next! 

Today, about a year on from the resurgence of the global Black Lives Matter movement, Vicky Pasion releases ‘HEAVY’ – a nostalgic Pop/R&B record inspired by her socially conscious aura. With her previous experience as a teacher in an all boys secondary school, Vicky’s authentic perspective opens up space for black stories, particularly young black boys, lyrically aware of their experiences, affirming their aspirations and apologising for the weight of injustices that they’ve carried over time. 

In a time of increasing loneliness, uncertainty and disconnection, statistically, young Black and mixed raced boys are the worst hit in this pandemic. In this light, it’s not enough to be anti-racist; it’s time to open up spaces to celebrate Black and mixed race voices and their stories, in order to normalise conversations around male vulnerability, strength, creativity and mindfulness. 

With this motivation, Vicky Pasion’s new single ‘HEAVY’ inspired an open conversation between Black men of multiple generations and backgrounds, discussing their experiences of education and mental health, their hopes and ambitions. This online event nurtured growth and facilitated a safe space for male vulnerability, cultural expression and the passing on of gained wisdom, featuring guest speakers Dr Kumar Birch, Kio Briggs, Alain ‘Fusion’ Clapham, Cordell Johnson and Michael Lawson-Falomo. Keep an eye out for ‘HEAVY’s’ music video coming soon! 

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HEAVY CIRCLE: Uplifting Black Masculinity 

HEAVY CIRCLE: Uplifting Black Masculinity

Produced and Curated by Gifted, By Nature
Co-Produced by Renaissance Studios
In collaboration with Autograph ABP
DOP: Johan Flybring 

Image Credits: 

Photographer: Emily Almodovar
Stylist: Emily Macfie
MUA: Rachael Mulligan