Cassa Jackson ‘Learning How To Love’ | Premiere

To be a young woman navigating love and relationships during the tempest that is the modern age, means that there are landmines of failed tinder matches, awkward first dates where new potential lovers have to peel themselves from phone screens for a good two hours heaven forbid, all the while tip toeing around the casual hook-up culture that can stab you in the heart in those most unexpected, vulnerable moments. It’s a rollercoaster, and one that’s not always as euphoretic as one would want, but the lights and darks are thrill inducing all the same.

Cassa Jackson reveals the highs and lows from her own treasure box of experiences and gives us the keys to the lock in her new single ‘Learning How to Love’ premiering today; a lioness of a song that seeks raw truth about finding genuine and lasting love through the social media wave, that pushes us to strive for unattainable standards of beauty and perfection.

Within this generation, the odds can certainly be against us to find the kind of love romanticised in films and the kind told through the stories of our grandparents’ old photo albums. But Jackson through her fierce, talented vocals and lyrics tell us how important it is once that kind of love is found, and how it’s worth the work to keep it through the ups and downs.

“She’s the perfect storm of fierce work ethic and undeniable talent. Detailing young love with an honest eye and memorable pop hooks, Jackson is the ideal musician to capture the essence of what it means to be a woman in chaotic, carefree love. Cassa is trilingual, having just finished her finals at Bristol University reading French and Spanish. Therefore, there’s no doubt that her wide understanding of how language works has enabled her to craft songs with lyrics which are universal and relatable, whilst all the time sticking true to her personality and her own passionate nature.”

With over 4 million Spotify streams, with ‘Parallel Universe’ reaching 1 million streams alone, plus standing upon the weight of a whopping 126k TikTok followers, Cassa is on the cusp of being trailblazing- expect to hear more of Jackson’s catchy pop ballad style with hints of Dua Lipa, Selena Gomez and Ava max; women who can give you both the sweet pop princess persona, but can also drip sultry bars and chords over their music to make you switch from daytime playlist vibes, to night time instead….

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Words – Heather Hogan