Muna Moné Commands Attention On New Single ‘15 Minutes’

British-Nigerian artist Muna Moné mesmerises with her latest single, ‘15 Minutes,’ marking her first release of the year. This alluring track combines warm atmospheres, vibrant Afro-drums, and Muna’s captivating vocals. ’15 Minutes’ offers a sultry, in-the-moment experience, as Muna effortlessly defies genre constraints, rapidly evolving since her emergence in late 2022. Inspired by her dual heritage, she solidifies her identity in each composition, exploring contemporary themes of love with a distinctive style. We caught up with Muna to chat about the new track and her plans for 2024.

‘15 Minutes’ has been described as a seductive and atmospheric track. Can you take us  behind the scenes and share the creative process involved in bringing this unique sound  to life? 

I listened to the beat before going to bed and legit no joke the melody and some of the  lyrics came to me whilst I was asleep, the dream that I had was a compilation of a couple  of parties I had attended where I hooked up with different people. So, I knew that the song  had to be simplistic but catchy, it also had to have a peculiar side because I’m a bit weird,  so I experimented with different sounds and screams to ensure I was creating a vivid story.  Kind of like Cinderella on acid.  

You mention that the song tells a story of “a spicy night out where  someone catches your eye, providing a sultry, fun, and in-the-moment experience.” How  do you translate these elements into your music, and what kind of emotions were you  aiming to convey? 

I think I do this well throughout the song, I like to story tell in my lyricism so I can take my  listeners on the journey with me. The chorus is the hitting part that most people remember,  it’s catchy, fun, sensual. I use snappy one-word descriptions so it’s easy to sing along to.  The song is in first person as well so that it makes it easier for listeners to relate to. I don’t know why but it makes me want to whine…

You’re known for defying genre boundaries and maintaining a distinctive sound. How  do you navigate this creative landscape, and what inspires you to explore different  musical avenues? 

I can’t even lie, I can only do this because I’ve been weird asf and I have an amazing sound  engineer who encourages me to try out every idea that comes to my head regardless of  how stupid it may seem. Shout Out Manon, but I make music I like listening too, and I once  I hear something that I’ve done either intentionally or unintentionally, and it tingles my  spine then I know I’m doing something right. I also want to note that I have listened to a lot of  different music in multiple languages since I was young, so I think that helped with letting  go of the fear of being judged if I sound different because it’s okay to have your own  thing.  

The instrumental arrangement of ’15 Minutes’ is rich, featuring grooving bass lines,  gentle keys, and samples that complement your vocals. Could you walk us through the  collaborative process of crafting these musical elements and how they contribute to the overall narrative of the song?

Well, it was actually my producer FADOT in Nigeria that came up with the arrangement,  the only part I had involvement with was how I wanted the song to be structured and I kind  of gave him an idea of the concept I wanted for the start and he ran with and smashed it  out of the park as he usually does!  

Emerging in late 2022, you’ve already made significant strides in your career. Looking  ahead to 2024, what aspirations do you have for your role in the music industry, and  how do you see yourself evolving as an artist? 

This sounds so cliché but I want to inspire kids to chase their dreams because if I wasn’t inspired I wouldn’t have been anywhere able to be where I am right now. I want to be with  creatives like me who don’t care about other people’s perceptions and care only about  the music and feeding the souls of their listeners. It’s only up from here as an artist I see  myself evolving into one of the best lyricists and performers, collaborating with as many  talented artists as myself.  

Thank you and Stay Blessed! 

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