Myles Lloyd takes control with ‘Running On You’

Myles Lloyd exploded onto the scene in 2019 with this debut album Goodbye, a collection of 11 songs that merged the sounds of hip-hop and R&B. Now the artist returns with his first release since, entitled ‘Running On You’, now honing a more futuristic take on R&B. It sees the Canadian singer songwriter at his best, drawing on past experiences of feeling uncomfortable in situations, we see a vulnerability within Myles that we can all connect with. With synths playing a huge part throughout, the artists powerful vocals transition between acoustic guitar riffs and electronic instrumentation.     

On the thought process behind ‘Running On You’, Myles explains: “The inspiration behind the song is to encourage listeners to take control of your fears so if the day comes where you must face them, you are ready.” Further adding, “I wasn’t listening to anything other than my fears whilst finding the words to say. You can either imagine I’m talking to you or talking about my situation to you.” As a listener you hear an artist being self-reflective throughout, with its emotional introspective side shining through. Inspired by his current life circumstances, the track is about deploying his strength and coming to terms with his concerns of being misunderstood, while trying to reassure his love interest that it will all be okay in the end. With Myles sharing his troubles with the listener, you get a distinct feeling there’s a special message behind the lyrics, as the artist describes: “A message I’m hoping to transcend to listeners is that You don’t have to have everything in life figured out. The beauty is in the unknown.” 

This ability to be so personal with his listeners is a special trait in Myles. It was something that was paramount on Goodbye, and if anything, we see that songwriting ability elevated further here. With his lyrics and emotions forming from facing his fears head on, we’re transported on an emotional journey with the artist, with the chorus truly gripping us. What’s most important about Myles’ artistry is that it allows the listener to look at him as a human being, not a superhero, helping us to understand everyone has struggles, further reinforcing his message, that you’re not alone. 

‘Running On You’ was certainly worth the wait for Myles’ fans. He’s returned with a single that shows an artist more refined, and with a fresh creative purpose. It’s not often you find a songwriter with the whole package – a beautiful voice, an understanding of what his listeners want and production to make the whole thing come together. Describing the song, you’d expect the song to be downbeat, perhaps even a ballad, but the final product is catchy, with the heavy bass and synths giving you an urge to move if anything. Sensitivity and vulnerability are two key elements for a great songwriter and Myles is certainly oozing in both, with endless potential, this artist looks set to go places. 

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Words: Jake Wright