Palmaria Give Thanks to the Wonders of our World in ‘Sunflower’

Following a recent slew of single releases, Italian duo Palmaria have unveiled another truly sensational soundtrack. ‘Sunflower‘ depicts the natural world with complimentary choruses and a soundscape like no other. As they continue to unravel their truly unique musical capability, Palmaria create a kaleidoscope of sound throughout their repertoire, and their latest single is no exception. 

Pop-packed metaphors and melodious bliss combine to form ‘Sunflower’. They explain, “We’re always inspired by natural elements, in this case specifically we focused on the sun and the sunflower. We connect to natural elements and how they move and evolve with our experience. ‘Sunflower’ is about always looking for the positive side of things and following the sun as a source of energy.” 

Whether it’s their natural narratives or euphoric energy that draw you to their music, Palmaria’s sound evolves seamlessly with effortless echoing vocals, voluminous verses and contemporary choruses to form a track that truly encapsulates their passion for the planet. The duo are proving their musical persona with versatility like no other, experimenting with unique styles, sensational synthesisers and likening lyricism, to collate into powerful alt-pop perfection.

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Words: Alexander Williams
Photography: Francesco Quadrelli