PREMIERE: Hogland ‘Lord’

Premiering a new single, ‘Lord,’ Swedish DJ/producer Hogland adds another uplifting electronic-bluegrass pop anthem into his ever-growing 200 million streams Spotify discography.

Since his kick-start in 2015, Hogland has grown into a global sensation, hailing from Stockholm and honing his distinctive baritone vocal style. ‘Lord’ rides on new-chapter-endorphins, ready to leave old memories behind, laid over Hogland’s signature pulsating rhythms and Chanin Vizcarra vocals.

He says: “Lord features a new sound that I haven’t released before but still with my own signature touch and melodies kept intact. Lord is a fusion of sounds that will leave you wanting more.”

Hogland’s trajectory took a turn for the better after his hit song ‘The Night,‘ which placed itself in the top 3 of the Swedish Viral List. Four years later, Hogland shares ‘Letting Go’ that stroke the charts and ended up being a platinum-selling single with over 50 million streams. ‘Letting Go’ received support from the Norwegian megastar Kygo, who took Hogland on the road as a support act for performances across Sweden and USA.

Listen to the premiere of ‘Lord’ by Hogland below.

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Words: Karolina Kramplova