PREMIERE: Tom Speight ‘If This Is How The Story Ends’

Things don’t always go the way we plan. Things don’t always go the way we want to. Despite our tireless efforts, the light at the end of the tunnel vanishes with all the fading memories. Tom Speight‘s new offering encapsulates the heart-wrenching turmoil of hopeful longing on his new single ‘If This Is How The Story Ends.’

The London-based singer/songwriter and renowned melodic storyteller Tom Speight has begun this year with a new chapter of elevated deep vulnerability and raw presentation. Speight’s catalog presents a combination of joyful sing-alongs, agonising epitomes, and diary-like songwriting.

With two successful albums under his belt, Tom Speight has received praise from the one and only Sir Paul McCartney, stating: “I wouldn’t change a thing.” With this career-shaping acclaim, Tom Speight has his heart on his sleeve, leaving listeners in awe.

‘If This Is How The Story Ends’ follows up Speight’s first taster of his upcoming third album, the style-evolving single, ‘The One.’ Unlayering his emotional outspan, Speight continues to navigate through blind hope and distressing acceptance of the end.

To push the track’s melancholy even further, Speight opted for an acoustic backdrop, ticking all the boxes of “one of my saddest songs I’ve ever written,” Speight announces on his Instagram. He elaborates on what inspired the theme of his new single: “If This Is How The Story Ends’ tackles my parent’s divorce & realisation that some things aren’t always meant to be, but having the hope/love that you can keep things together. With its intimate acoustic nature, it was inspired by acts like Sufjan Stevens & Jose Gonzalez.”

Today, Noctis premiers ‘If This Is How The Story Ends,’ patiently waiting for the third Tom Speight album scheduled for the summer/autumn of 2023.

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