PREMIERE: Linney ‘One More Day’

Nothing in life is guaranteed, not even time. Our health is a blessing, and living to the fullest should be everyone’s mantra. Coinciding with February, the month of Heart Health, Los Angeles-based artist Linney shares an uplifting and inspiring anthem ‘One More Day.’

Linney, being the electronic-pop sensation, utilises her spine-chilling voice and evocative songwriting and storytelling to pay homage to her father and his cardiovascular journey. ‘One More Day’ is a token of hope, accentuating the importance of family relationships.

Linney details her father’s condition: “I wrote this one about my dad. He had a heart attack and lost half of his left ventricle when I was 7. He survived it but has since had a pacemaker put in and a few complications. Apparently the normal heart pumping efficiency rate is 50-75%, and he’s been at 30% since he lost that part of his heart. He called me a few months back and told me his cardiologist said he’s dropped to 20% and he’s too old for a transplant. He was excited when he told me there was another option – open heart surgery to install a pump in his heart – something that they use for people who are waiting for a transplant. This freaked me out – but he was excited about it because it was an alternative to death. And his optimism inspired me. So we wrote it from his perspective about wanting so badly to live life to its’ fullest that there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for one more day here.”

She adds: “Also, when I played the demo for a close friend, she ran out of the room. She returned with a sheet of paper. It was a poem she had written for her son, who had died in a car crash. It was called “one more day with you.” Gave me goosebumps. I feel like this is a powerful song that could be really special for a lot of people.”

Following her previous singles, ‘Super Human,‘Run to the Forest,‘ and ‘Garden,‘ Linney continues to showcase her spell on electronic-pop music with layers of vulnerability, empathy, and inward-looking storytelling.

Listen to the premiere of ‘One More Day,’ and expect more Linney material with her debut EP coming later this year. Stay tuned!

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Words: Karolina Kramplova