PREMIERE: Salt Ashes ‘Heart Attack’

As the legendary English rock band, The Rolling Stones, famously sings, “you can’t always get what you want.” This unfortunate but truthful ethos is what keeps lonely hearts up at night. Salt Ashes‘ premiering single ‘Heart Attack‘ pulsate through the cracks of longing after forbidden fruit with invigorating dark, disco-esque flair.

The London-based singer/songwriter has an impressive catalog full of evidence of the evolution of her signature dark pop, electronic-dance sound. Influenced by the likes of Depeche Mode, Bjork, and Change, Salt Ashes is pioneering the true essence of authenticity and introspective lyricism.

The new offering, ‘Heart Attack,’ follows up Salt Ashes’ latest release, ‘Didn’t See It Coming,’ which caught the attention of the icon Elton John and was featured on Elton John’s Rocket Hour radio show.

“I was so overwhelmed when I got the call that Elton John was going to play my last single… And open his show with it! I’ve listened to Elton since I was little, who hasn’t! So, it’s a huge, huge honour. A dream would be a collaboration!” says Salt Ashes on the radio play.

Fuelled by passion and lust, Salt Ashes unleashes all her inadmissible longing into a mesmerising dance jewel. She shares more about the premiering single: “Heart Attack is about intense lust for someone you shouldn’t be lusting after. It’s that feeling when it’s so wrong but feels so good, and you feel drowned by desire. I wrote this song to a crappy demo that I created and didn’t think it was anything special, but when I played it to my producer, he loved it. Once we messed around with the production, it totally came to life.”

You can listen to the premiere of ‘Heart Attack’ out now.

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Photographer: Theo Ahimana