Real Bad Man and Genevieve Artadi team up on ‘Kill The Lie’

LA natives Real Bad Man and Genevieve Artadi team up on slick new cut ‘Kill The Lie’ from the upcoming ‘Kitsuné America: West Coast Edition’ compilation

Californian fashion designer and beat-maker Adam Weissman aka Real Bad Man continues to toe the line between funk-laden grooves and pop styled inflections on the new single ‘Kill The Lie’, this time with an added layer of sensuality courtesy of pop polymath Genevieve Artadi, one half of Avant-pop duo KNOWER. Channelling the Californian sun-soaked spirit fused with sophisticated, intelligent beats over Genevieve’s hazy vocal delivery, the latest offering from ‘Kitsuné America: West Coast Edition’ compilation is unapologetically impressive and is exactly what we need right now.

Adam says: “This is my one of favourite projects I’ve worked on, I think it achieves everything we wanted to do with Genevieve’s and my previous group Pollyn, but couldn’t figure out at the time. It is a collage of all the music genres that I listen and love and the ones I get to create in. Everything from Rap production to Afro beat to R&B to electronic music is all thrown into a blender and hopefully we made something unique and fun in the process. Since Real Bad Man is also a clothing brand, the release will come with a collection of Merch as well as animated videos that have set up the RBM world with previous releases.”

You can listen to Real Bad Man and Genevieve Artadi’s latest single ‘Kill The Lie’ below.

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