Rina Sawayama x IS IT NEWS

Rina Sawayama opens the first series of IS IT NEWS, a fresh show with a new take. An interview show bringing together authentic advocates to inspire real change. 

IS IT NEWS, the new interview show which amidst the most challenging times for our planet joins forces for its debut episode with Rina Sawayama. 

In a sit-down one of a kind moment with Rina, British-Japanese pop-star, Sawayama’s voice is important now more than ever. With the rise of Asian hate crimes and the harmful stigma around the pandemic, the interview explores representation and opportunity for those the industry has disregarded. In a 15 minute video interview with host, Tafari Hinds, Rina Sawayama powerfully spreads the word on multicultural diversity issues, and the need for more representation behind the scenes of the music industry. 

I really think without K-pop, I don’t think I would be standing here, not because my music is any similar, but because it takes the industry to recognise a certain face with success for them to open the gates for other people who look like them

Rina Sawayama

“There is a lot of diversity in the artists in music. The artists are diverse but if you look in the industry, it is not diverse at all and that is a problem for me. I think it’s so important that there’s representation in that side as well and not only on the artists’ side.” Sawayama, considerately highlights the places where East Asian artists and industry workers can look for support in London and on social media.

As a result of the pandemic, many live venues are at risk of closing down. The talented artist voices her concerns over the live music sector amid the devastating impact of the pandemic. 

“I think it’s really important for artists right now to support however they can safely.”

Rina urges people to support the live sector and artists as well as expressing her long excitement to see her fans again at the highly awaited “SAWAYAMA” tour taking off in November 2021. “I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE MY FANS IN REAL LIFE.”

This interview is the first episode of the IS IT NEWS webseries. Episodes to follow feature appearances and interviews from Italy’s streetwear godfather, Luca Benini and new wave fashion pioneer, Dame Vivienne Westwood.

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Words: Daniele Facciuto and Mothy Muyobo
Host and Co-founder: Tafari Hinds
Guest: Rina Sawayama
Executive Producer and Co-founder: Clément Cornebize
Head of Editorial and Communication: Daniele Facciuto
DOP and Film Director: Ollie Mackay
Assistant Director: Shantall Campbell
Editor Assistant: Giada Severini and Mothy Muyobo
Photography: Niklas Haze
Photography Assistant: Alex Kim
Tafari is styled by Thibault Maas
Rina Sawayama is styled by Jordan Kelsey
[Interview] – Rina Sawayama is wearing full look by Dion Lee and Jewellery by Han Wen

[Editorial] – Rina Sawayama is wearing full look by Mugler Archive
Styling Assistant: Katia Reichardt
Hair: Jake Gallagher
MUA: Ana Takahashi
Nails: Lauren Michelle Pires
Video Editor: Salvatore Curcio and  Jeffrey Thomson
Video Grading: Antoine Cuenin from Gleam Pictures
Intro Music: Isa Machine 
Outro Music: Roi Pangol
Audio Engineer: Morgan Bosc
Studio Director: Kim Hardy
Location: Fuel Tank Studio