Rosa Linn ‘Universe (French Version)’ | PREMIERE

Living in a world where the cure for unrequited love is still nowhere close to being invented, romance novel authors, movie producers, and songwriters often take matters into their own hands and design their own worlds where anything is possible. The Armenian breakout star Rosa Linn reimagines the agony of endless longing into her own daydream anthem, ‘Universe.’ 

Noctis premiers the newest installment of the ‘Universe’ pack with a new French version in collaboration with French artist Jeck, just in time to be immersed in this year’s Olympic Games, which are taking place in Paris. ‘Universe (French Version)’ is a brilliant elevated rendition of the dreamy chart-topping single. Linn’s vocals are out of this world, matching the sought-after power of love.

Linn details the creative intention behind ‘Universe‘: “‘Universe’ is my anthem for the daydreamer; it is a song about longing—longing for someone or something you can never have in this Version of reality; imagining another life, other circumstances, creating a whole different world where all the stars align perfectly for you to get that one thing that’ll finally make you complete!”

Rosa Linn possesses the IT factor to engage, which has proven to illuminate audiences as big as 16 million people during her Eurovision Song Content performance of her global hit, ‘SNAP.’ Backed up by the Nvak Collective, Rosa Linn, representing Armenia, has changed her life’s trajectory forever. With ‘SNAP’ exploding worldwide, it went platinum in the US and entered the Billboard Hot 100. To top this off, Ed Sheeran picked Rosa Linn to open for his 2023 +-=÷x Tour

The premiering ‘Universe (French Version)’ adds to the Universe Pack, which already has the Italian Version and the electrifying Galantis Remix. In the near future, Linn hopes to release more versions in Hindi, Arabic, and Spanish. 

Linn talks about the excitement of creating new renditions and all the creative opportunities: “The “Universe” Pack is meant to address my love for languages, different cultures, and music genres, which drives me to create alternate versions of my songs and collaborate with talented artists from other countries.” I’m so happy to share the French Version of ‘Universe’ with my fans! Creating this song in French with Jeck was an amazing experience, and I am so proud of how it captures the song’s essence in the beautiful French language.”

Listen to the premiere of ‘Universe (French Version) out now. 

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Words: Karolina Kramplova