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Rum Jungle are a four-piece alt/rock band from Newcastle, Australia who have been taking the industry by storm. Most recently for the incredible success of their UK and European tour, where the guys sold out multiple nights and packed out venues to audiences who chanted every lyric to their songs. A dream many artists wish to come true and for these laid-back lads, an experience they will never forget. With their easy-going attitude, addictive energy and plethora of anthems that will have you singing at the top of your lungs, it’s to no surprise that Rum Jungle have had such a belter of a tour. Luckily, for those who missed them, they have just announced their return in September, where things are set to be even bigger than before. 

As well as their tour shenanigans, Rum Jungle also recently released a new single, “Did The Morning Let You Down.” The relatable track details that heavy feeling you sometimes get the morning after a big, eventful night. As you ponder what went down, you try to not let your past antics ruin your present, as you search for the light in every situation. Benny shares, “You’d be lying to yourself if there hasn’t been a morning in your life that you’ve not been stoked with the events of the night before or something’s weighing you down and that morning it hits you hard. Mistakes get made, shit goes wrong, everything’s tough for everyone in their own relative state. What this one is about though is pickin’ up and rollin’ on and understanding the world is the way it is, and finding that thing or person or reason to charge on with some sonic stability.

Noctis Magazine spoke with Rum Jungle about their new music, tour gossip and upcoming plans. 

Congratulations on the success of your UK/EU tour! Out of the 14 dates, were there any particular show that stands out the most to you?

They all stood out in their own way honestly, everyone we met was amazing. London absolutely was one that stood out though just from the level of how much people were singing along. One of the most amazing experiences and we appreciate it so much. Packing out a room in Paris was also surreal so massive shout outs to everyone there, hopefully be back soon.

As a group of four young Aussie guys, there must have been some memorable moments. Were there any funny stories that you care to share? 

Every day we had something go on or go wrong. One that comes to mind was packing up in Paris and Fraz is heading out. Our manager told him to be safe, we turned around for maybe ten seconds then looked back around and less than 10 metres down the road and there’s four Paris cops pulling him up. Was a random misunderstanding but was so ridiculous he’d only walked a few metres and he’s somehow in that situation. Very keen to get back to Paris.

You sold-out shows in both the UK and Germany. As you made your way through the tour did you notice a difference in your fans’ reactions to any particular songs? 

I think the most wild thing was that it wasn’t necessarily one particular song. There’s always the more popular ones of course but even the less well known ones and deep cuts we had people belting out all the words. Seriously amazing answer love all the people who came to a show for it.

Coinciding with the tour was the release of your new single and music video for “Did The Morning Let You Down”. The relatable track details the regret you feel after a night out, which some might call ‘hanxiety.’ Was there a particular moment for you that triggered the concept of this song? 

Probably after the London show. We’d got back to the hotel pretty late and had to get straight back up to get to Brighton for a show at 12pm. Couldn’t believe it to be honest but we somehow pulled ourselves together, played the how and kept on keeping on.

You’ve shared that with this song you had the most fun recording it. Can you tell us a little more about this and what was it about the experience that was different from your other releases?

It was a couple of days we had to just focus on the tracks. Didn’t need to get home for any reason, didn’t have anyone in the band leaving for a day or two, was just us lads with Tasker and Jack. We pretty much had the songs already good to go when we got there so there was no stress of trying to finish them in the studio and once the day was done and Jack closed up the studio, the nights started. Was just a whole lot of fun together listening to tunes and watching our favourite live performances with a few beers in hand and a few beers at the Chittaway pub down the road.

If you could tour with any other band, who would it be and why?

There’s way too many we’d love to tour with. Cage The Elephant would be unreal honestly. Been a fan of them forever and to end up on the road with them I’d imagine they’d be well fun and the people who go to their shows would be good people too.

What venue or festival is top of your wish list to perform at?

Glastonbury in the UK is number one. Otherwise just any festival we can get on any continent. Would be amazing to play in Japan but also somewhere in the states would be a dream.

You’ve already announced you’ll be back to the UK in September, where you will be performing at Village Underground in London on the 25th. For readers who might be interested in coming, can you give them an idea of what they can expect at a Rum Jungle concert?

It’s honestly just four bewildered lads stoked that some people have come to sing their songs. We’ll be upping our production where we can, always want an insane light show to go with the live act but at the heart of our show no matter the stage it’s just us four lads shaking our heads at each other cos we can’t believe a bunch of mad people have come to our show. We’re just keen to get back and have a bunch of fun cos that’s what all our tours are.

What else is next for Rum Jungle? Will there be new music between now and your next tour?

Should be some new tunes between now and then or I’ll be having words with someone. Always keen to get new music out and can expect that we’ll be doing exactly that as long as we possibly can. Would love to show people the process and more behind the scenes but we’re not too good at social media so, one day can expect that if we figure it out.

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Photographer: Alexander McIntyre

Words: Alexander Williams