Samuel Jack on his debut album ‘The Gold & The Glory’

While many of us have the tendency to live life in the fast lane, Samuel Jack is taking time to stop and smell the roses with his newly released debut album ‘The Gold & The Glory.’ An introspective project that sees Samuel reflect on a journey of ups and downs that’s led him to this very moment in time, and the joy of pursuing his dream career in music. Elaborating on the albums personal meaning Samuel shares “This album has reminded me that sometimes the most golden things in life are right in front of us, and it is the adventure and most importantly the PEOPLE in our lives that make them so glorious.

Throughout the 11 track album incorporating pop and indie sounds as well as ballads and folk influences, Samuel captivates his audience with his natural talent for with authentic storytelling and thoughtful lyricism. Opening up about universal experiences from a personal perspective such as relationships that fade before others blossom; the passing of his father; and persevering to conquer your own self-doubts. Celebrating the release of his highly-anticipated LP debut, earlier this month we checked in with Samuel in the run up to the big day for a much needed life update following our previous catch up in 2021 (read here).

Hey Samuel, thanks for speaking with us again! Last time we caught up was in 2021, and you had just released your smash hit single ‘Feels Like Summer.’ Tell us, what’s changed for you in the past two years?

HEY HEY! It’s been a busy couple of years for sure. Goes without saying, but the success of ‘Feels Like Summer’ obviously really helped raise my profile as an artist – and because the song was such a talking point it helped me shine some light on my other songs too. In term of day to day stuff not much has changed, you can still find me on the road touring or in a studio writing and I love it just as much as I always did.

Congratulations on the success of your new single ‘Borderline’ it’s only been out for a short while but has already had a great reception. For people learning about the track now, could you explain what it’s about?

Borderline is a song about the desire to go back. Have you ever wondered what life would look like had you made a different choice? Those make or break moments are big ones – romantically speaking or otherwise. Borderline is about wanting to go back to those moments and making a different decision. 

Releasing a debut full length album is such a monumental stage of an artist’s life, what made you choose the album title ‘The Gold & The Glory’?

It certainly feels that way! I’ve spent most of life chasing a career in music, chasing dreams, chasing some imagined kind of life or end goal – and there’s nothing wrong with that, sure –but it’s only been in more recent years that I’ve really had to check in with myself and remind myself that life is happening RIGHT NOW. It’s the journey not the destination, all clichés aside, it is so true. I’ve sacrificed so much to be able to have a career in music, out of choice of course, but there’ve been people along the way that I’ve lost, places I should’ve been, things I should’ve done but didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t, because I was too busy working away on ‘making it’ – when the truth is, ‘making it’ is waking up in the morning and doing exactly what you love. In that respect I made it long ago – the gold and the glory is right under our noses and we’re rarely aware. This album is about the journey. It’s an album that says we should absolutely persevere to achieve our goals; but to remember that it is the people and the time we have with them along the way that really matters.

So far you’ve released ‘Borderline’ ‘Sun Goes Down’ and ‘Those Days’ in the run up to your album release next month. What made you select these three as lead singles? And will there be anymore releases before the big day?

Picking singles isn’t always easy, and whilst I wanted to give a little taster of what’s to come on the album for one reason or another some rise above the parapet to getting the story started.  There album is pretty diverse, as has been my journey to date. No more singles before album, but a very poignant  focus track around the album drop, so keep your ears peeled. 

How would you say your sound has developed or progressed since your previous shorter projects ‘Made Up Of You’ and the three volumes of ‘Empty Pockets Crowded Heart’? 

Song writing really does bring me the biggest joy, I love every second of the process.  I think my writing has a maturity now that maybe it didn’t before and that’s come through collaborating with more and more people, absorbing and understanding different processes, coming to understand my own and just being obsessed with the desire to be better to be honest. I often compare song writing to sports, in that you can kind of go in and out of form over a career, right now – I feel like I’m Zinedine Zidane at the 1998 world cup lol.

Word on the grapevine is your hosting a secret intimate show for your fans to celebrate the release, how exciting! What can you tell us about that? 

I am indeed. It’s going to be a REALLY special night, stripped, acoustic and I’m buzzing for the party.

Which songs are you most looking forward to performing live?

Can’t wait to play them all! For this next show there’s going to be a mix of old and new songs – and from the album songs I’m really looking forward to playing a song called ‘Home to You’ – she’s an absolute monster!

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Words: Genea Bailey