Sandancer Shares Atmospheric Track ‘Breathe’

Sandancer returns with his latest single ‘Breathe,’ building on his previous successes and delivering a refreshing take on electronic music. The track merges infectious beats, impactful synth work, and soulful vocals, immersing listeners in a cinematic experience.

Collaborating with Nate Williams, Sandancer brings on board the talented vocalist known for his Soul/RnB tendencies. Williams’ vocals add depth and emotion to the track, reflecting on past regrets and the search for acceptance. The tempo is slowed down, creating a chilled atmosphere in contrast to Sandancer’s previous tracks.

Sandancer, also known as Howard Whiddett, is a member of the electronic duo Qtier, recognized for their experimental and subtle production style. His music features multi-layered textures, energetic basslines, and at times, an eerie undertone. With notable tracks like “Still” and “Set Me On,” Qtier has amassed over 11 million global streams and received support from respected radio hosts.

Prior to his solo endeavors, Whiddett joined the acid-jazz funk group Jamiroquai, performing live electronics and earning the nickname “The Ableton Wizard” from lead singer Jay Kay. Whiddett’s stage presence extended to global tours and sharing stages with artists like Snoop Dogg. 

“Breathe” marks another milestone in Sandancer’s musical journey, showcasing his infectious melodies, soulful vocals, and carefully crafted dynamics. With his unique approach to electronic music, Sandancer continues to push boundaries and captivate listeners. Stay tuned for more exciting releases from this rising talent.

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