Aisha Badru Learns To Love Again

We can wish, we can hope, but what we need to do is – trust. No wonder the phrase ‘patience is a virtue’ holds so much power. All becomes clearer with time and self-reflection. Nigerian-American singer/songwriter Aisha Badru contemplated why she ended up in similar situations until she grasped the real importance of self-love.

In her new project, ‘Learning To Love Again,‘ Aisha Badru uses her voice to address her newfound understanding of self-love and her purpose. Ever since her open mic evenings in New York, Badru discovered the healing power of words and her urge to guide people through tough times with her smooth vocals and soulful indie-folk arrangements.

Today, Aisha Badru feels fulfilled with the hope of a guiding mantra ‘everything has a purpose.’ On ‘Learning To Love,’ she is creating a clear vision and intricate direction of helping others and inspiring self-worth amongst those who may lack confidence, similarly as she used to.

The 5-track long EP captures Badru’s musical and personal awakening with hymnal meditations like ‘Move’ and ‘Inside.’ Noctis speaks to the songstress about the lessons she’s learned since becoming a mother and the creative processes behind ‘Learning To Love Again.’

Who did you aspire to be as a young girl? Could you reflect at who you have become and are today?

As a young girl I aspired to be a singer-songwriter, but I lacked confidence. I look back now and I’m proud to have grown to believe in myself and to have followed my dream. I have performed in many cities, had my songs play on TV shows, and most importantly my music has had a healing impact on listeners around the world. I know that young girl that I once was is somewhere inside of me feeling fulfilled with all I have accomplished. 

How did you discover your voice? 

Back in 2016, I was going through a breakup that made me doubt my self worth. I started writing songs about it and soon began to perform them at open-mic’s in NYC. Once I noticed that so many people could relate to my feelings, I knew my story and point of view was important.

You talked about music being your purpose, what would you like people to feel when listening to your lyrics? 

When people listen to my music I want them to feel seen and understood. I want them to feel a sense of knowing that they are valuable and that the things they are going through in their own lives are valuable too.

How would you describe motherhood with no filter?

Motherhood is chaotic and enjoyable all at once. 

What were the biggest lessons you’ve learned since being a mom? 

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is how much of an impact our words have on people, especially children. Everyday I am aware that the way I speak to and treat my children will have a lasting impact on their lives and so I try to do my best to be mindful with every interaction.

What kind of music are you raising your kids on?

Uplifting music. My three year old son’s current favorite song is “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. Whenever he hears it he laughs uncontrollably and his mood shifts.

What are your personal favourite songs and artists of all time? 

My all time favorite songs are ‘Drops of Jupiter’ by Train, and ‘I Dare You To Move’ by Switchfoot.

What/who/what activity stimulates you the most? 

Having deep conversations about the meaning of life. 

How did you reach your powerful realisation of sell-love in relation to real-love? 

Trial and error, really. The universe has a way of sending you the same lesson over and over again until you understand what you’re meant to learn. I finally got the message!

How did you come up with the concept for your new EP ‘Learning To Love Again’?

I realized I still had some blocks that were stopping me from moving forward from a past relationship. The song on my EP titled ‘Moving On’ is my processing and closing of that chapter. I think everyone who has been hurt in some way is learning to love again. It’s a slow and sometimes painful process.

Why did you want to work with different producers for different tracks? 

Mostly because I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and experiment creatively. 

Your music video for ‘Inside’ is absolutely stunning, where did you film it? Could you tell us more what emotion you wanted to capture in these visuals?

The music video was shot by Laura-Lynn Petrick on the coast of Mexico. The performer is choreographer Nyda Kwasowsky. I really think she did such a great job of capturing the sentiment “alone but not lonely”. 

Please also talk to us about the video for ‘Move’, what emotions were you trying to convey through this track? 

‘Move’ is a song about the healing power of movement during times of depression. I hope to convey empathy with this track because I know how it feels to be depressed, and I hope to provide a sense of hope and feelings of empowerment because there is a way out of that dark place of suffering internally. 

What do you have planned for this Summer. and the rest of this year? 

For the summer I will be in New York working on my next record. I hope to also have some time for spontaneity, hiking, and spending time with family.

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Words: Karolina Kramplova