Superparka Tease New Album With Emotive Track ‘Easy’

Parisian duo, Superparka, continue to tease their highly anticipated forthcoming album with the alternative electronic track ‘Easy’. It comes fresh off the back of the project’s first single ‘AZ’ and showcases a sound that draws upon elements of lo-fi hip-hop, alt-pop, and house. It’s the second offering from the artists nine-track LP Quatro, which is set to land 13th October. Driven by Superparka’s experimental approach and artistic vision, ‘Easy’ is the perfect illustration of why their music is so unique. Fuelled by an array of innovative songwriting techniques, the duo incorporate automatic lyric writing alongside contemporary trap compositions, resulting in a unique sonic landscape. 

On the creative process behind their new single, Superparka proclaim: “‘easy’ is born with the idea of making a soundtrack of an 80s futuristic inspired western. The whole idea originated from some pictures found in a magazine taken in the mongolian landscape with a mix between traditionally dressed people & some others on motorbikes (almost the one from the movie Akira) with modern citizen/fashion clothes.”

Embracing and celebrating the DIY ethos in their music, Superparka place driving drums at the heart of the track, whilst heartfelt, multi-layered vocal harmonies transcend pure emotion. On ‘AZ’ we saw a similarly vulnerable display, and it’s within the vocals that Superparka have the ability to grip the listener with their captivating style. It’s a trait they’ve honed for years, with their popular tracks ‘GIRL’ and ‘Skip’ indicating early on what kind of music the duo wanted to make. Whilst their sonic direction has veered in many directions, the touching stories have remained a cornerstone of their artistic identity ever since. 

By effortlessly delving into social issues, the artists offer an authentic version of themselves on each release. Quatro will see the duo explore themes of isolation within modern society and embracing the unpredictability of the universe. As we’ve seen on ‘Easy’ and ‘AZ’, the LP looks set to delve deep into the human experience. We look forward to seeing what Superparka delivers when the project lands in full. 

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Photographer: Florine Hill

Words: Jake Wright