Thallo Unveils Hauntingly Beautiful New Video ‘Pressed and Preserved’

Welsh multi-instrumentalist Thallo has revealed a hauntingly beautiful video for her single ‘Pressed and Preserved’. Lulling the listener with a warm intricate arrangement, the song reflects on the potency of fleeting love and tragedy of cutting a relationship thriving perfectly in its prime. Like pressed flowers, preserved as immaculate memories. Thallo is confirmed to appear at SXSW 2022 and with a new EP on the way – the scene is now set for one of Wales’ hidden treasures to step into the light and bloom.

The video shows Thallo thrashing in the bedroom of an old manor as she slowly expires, resigning to insanity and death. Amidst unsettling visitors and temporal confusion, in the closing moments her lifeless body is shown painted and framed preserved in memory and estimation.  

“For you, spring earth, in bloom
we’re pressed and preserved
For you, spring earth
Pressed and preserved
For you”

The surreal Midsommar-esque visual plays the antiquated idea of the hysterical woman – something Thallo essentially was branded on her long journey for acknowledgment and answers for mobility issues that has shaped her music with light and shade.

Thallo explains: “I remember giving these pressed flowers to a person as a farewell gift and only in hindsight did I see the irony. Because sure there’s a beauty in the fact it’s preserved, but there’s also a real sadness as it’s no longer with you in the form you once loved.”

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