The Enigmatic whatshisface Releases ‘Unaware’

Los Angeles based musician whatshisface has today released his latest single ‘Unaware’, an infectious indie-pop hit that draws on elements of dance music throughout. It marks the artists fourth single to date and sees him continue to ride a wave of momentum following his debut year which has led to over 400,000 streams on Spotify. Pulling influences from rock, indie-pop and electronic, ‘Unaware’ is dripping in experimental layers that sees whatshisface’s artistic nature run wild. Elements of dark and experimental sounds are juxtaposed with joyous synths that creates an unparalleled sound. 

Not just boasting a dreamy voice, whatshisface also exhibits his talent for writing on ‘Unaware’. His poetic, compelling lyricism eludes to themes of mental health and escapism, delivered through irresistible melodies. Revealing the meaning behind his new track, whatshisface says: “The older we get, the more reality and real life seep in. Unaware’ is a song aspiring for blissful ignorance. Aligning with the mindset we had when we were younger with no awareness as to what was waiting for us in adulthood.” It’s a relatable theme, as we get older, that ignorance we had as kids is something we all yearn for, after all, life was easier back then. 

Previous singles ‘Moonlight’, ‘Magic Disaster’ and ‘Shape Of A Human’ have each shown whatshisface’s versatile nature, which is only pushed further with ‘Unaware’. This latest single sees the artist move in a more upbeat direction, with the electronic inspiration visible throughout. Explosive dynamic beats and pounding bass take centre stage, with the artists message resonating with beautiful melodies. 

Given how fast whatshisface has grown, his talent is undeniable, but ‘Unaware’ shows just how far he can go. A new, faster and more compelling production style has us all wondering what might come next. It’s a project that serves as an open palette of abstract music and lyrical concepts with the artist feeling free of restrictions or reservations. Whatshisface is sure to continue creating music that makes his listeners feel emotions, taking inspirations from memories and experiences in his life when writing. 2020 served as an amazing debut year, 2021 looks set to be even bigger. 

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Words: Jake Wright