The Evolution of Sara-Danielle on ‘Another Self’

Montreal-based singer-songwriter Sara-Danielle has just unveiled her new EP Another Self and it’s everything we dreamt of and more. Known for her soft, dreamy and whimsical sound which allows you to drift off to another dimension, the six-track release is our ticket to be whisked away to a better place, even if it is just for 23 minutes and 11 seconds. 

Another Self follows the artists 2019 debut EP, Healing, which demonstrated the Canadian’s ability to concoct truly mesmeric compositions that touch the soul. And yet somehow, Sara-Danielle has managed to craft something even more compelling and unique, stepping outside her boundaries and exploring untouched territories. 
Dancing delicately between synth-pop, soul and R&B, her sound has been categorised as “ginger soul”, bringing to mind the likes of Charlotte Day Wilson and Lianne La Havas. Another Self results in a listening experience unlike any other, shimmering with laid-back hypnotic melodies, buttery vocals and an overall superlunary atmosphere.

Congratulations on the release of your sophomore EP Another Self. It’s been a few years since your last EP – how does it feel to finally have another pocket of work out in the world?

Thank you so much! It feels so good to put out new music. I’ve been really excited to share these new songs with everyone – I think they’re more mature and reflect how I’ve grown as a woman and musician. 

The six-track release includes singles “Want More” and “Away from You”. Both staying true to the Sara-Danielle soft, velvet, muted sound. Can we expect more of this in the remaining four tracks?

Yes! Although there are a few surprises too 😉 I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone a little bit, and it was so fun to explore another side of me, while still staying true to these velvet tones.

Your songs are known for being extremely relatable, bursting with emotion and honesty. Do you feel like songwriting is a healing experience for you, being able to put your experiences into songs and package them up into little chapters? 

Yes absolutely. The songs are like screenshots of my life at some moment, what I’m feeling and what I’m going through. And I like to be able to make beauty with things that are hard to deal with, to transform them into something better. 

Both your sound and style emits an ethereal pastel atmosphere. How important is the visual side to your artistry and are there any artists that you seek inspiration from when it comes to visuals?

Very important haha! I love when you can hear the music through an image, when you can feel emotions in a picture. I like when it’s a complete piece of art, not only music but also visuals that can move you.

Speaking of which, “Away from You” was accompanied with a stunning music video. Featuring a plethora of dancers and mesmerizing fluid movement, can you tell us what the experience was like filming this and the idea behind its story. 

It was my first time working with dancers, and it was soooo cool! They are so strong, creative, and beautiful to watch. It doesn’t look that way, but they made me work really hard in some positions, so I was sore a few days after haha!

The concept of the video was that the dancers would represent different parts of me, a conversation with myself. But they also represent relationships around me. The push and pull I feel in some of them, how sometimes I should “walk away” but I don’t want to. This kind of opposition between tension and tenderness with someone you love, even when things get hard.

Your music has been compared to the likes of Charlotte Day Wilson, Lianne La Havas, Leif Vollebekk and Lana Del Rey. What is it about their music that you connect with?

Each of these artists is so unique! But what I love about all of them is their soft yet powerful sound, and how with their voice they can convey so many emotions. 

You’ve performed alongside Pomme, Marie-Pierre Arthur, Clay & Friends and Heartstreets. Tell us more about this and also if you could tour with any artist, who would it be any why

I was always honoured to perform alongside established artists like these! I sometimes felt a little intimidated haha, because I look up to them. But it was also great to perform for an audience that didn’t know me and have them come up to me to say they loved my music. It’s amazing to have strangers telling you they were moved by your performance, to be able to give them this gift. I’m very grateful for this! 

Your 2020 single “Scared” was featured in Season 2 of Netflix’s show, Emily In Paris. How did it feel to hear your music in one of Netflix’s most popular series? 

Yes this was so crazy!!! I couldn’t believe I could hear my song in the background of a scene with such famous actors! It’s a big milestone for me. I’m very honoured that my song could reach so many people and could be so relatable that it would be featured in a Netflix series. 

Another Self follows your 2019 debut EP Healing. Do you think your sound has evolved since this release and what was the journey like getting to where you are musically currently. 

Yes, so much! I dug deeper into my songwriting, turning and twisting the songs around more than I did with my last release. My producer Jesse played a big part in shaping a sound I would love. He is very intuitive in his approach, and it allowed me to really explore and find a place where I was comfortable and able to express myself. So this record feels very authentic, and I hope relatable too.  

And lastly, do you have a favourite single off the EP?

Oh this is a hard one! Each song has something special and different that I love! I might lean a bit towards “Draw Me”, so soft and simple, but also raw emotions.

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Words: Alexander Williams
Photography: Gaelle Leroyer