The Reemergence of MORGAN | Photo Gallery

After going viral on TikTok, London breakout star MORGAN re-releases her irresistible single ‘ADCT’, out now via Major Tom’s Records. Celebrating the tracks success, Noctis joined MORGAN on set for an exclusive photo session as she shot a stunning visualiser to accompany the release.

Pairing gospel-evoking organ chords with MORGAN’s soaring vocal range, ‘ADCT’ is a sensual bashment inspired banger steeped in emotion, which sees MORGAN also singing in patois. Initially released three years ago when she was just 17 years old, the track was produced by Slim Typical (Major Tom’s Publishing) and has now resurfaced online through crazed fans sharing videos of them singing along to the track.

Top and Bottom – Untraditioned. Jewellery – Mawi

I wrote ‘ADCT’ when I was 17 years old, unsigned and just starting out in music. It’s about how I felt manipulated in a past relationship and completely gaslighted to feel like I did something wrong when I actually didn’t. I want this track to make everyone feel strong – it’s okay to be vulnerable but always remember to stand on your own two feet and know your worth. I didn’t realise how much people loved this song and it’s mad how many people are connecting with it four years later. I’m so excited to re-release this one for the day ones!”


Above – Dress – Dreaming Eli. Jewellery – Mawi // Below – Dress – Stolen Studios. Jewellery – Mawi

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Photographer: Kiera Simpson
Director: Joe Wood
Styling: Sammy Cullis
MUA: Bianca Spencer
Hair: Stacia Ellis