The Visionary Mind of NEO 10Y

With the release of his latest single ‘ONENESS (WHO WE ARE)‘, visionary artist NEO 10Y reflects on his message of love and self-realisation. 

By seamlessly merging cutting-edge technology, spiritual enlightenment, and his musical prowess, NEO 10Y has created a powerful artistic partnership. Beyond his musical talents, he also enlightens the minds of future generations as a guest lecturer at esteemed institutions like LCF, CSM, and UAL. Unwavering in his dedication, NEO 10Y also advocates for a vegan future, proudly embracing the roles of reiki master, yogi, and an influential voice within the intersectional LGBTQ+ community. We caught up with him to delve deeper into his mission.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your new single ‘ONENESS (WHO WE ARE)’ and how it reflects your message of love and self-realisation?

My purpose on planet Earth is to help manifest a protopian dimension of peace, through the expansion of love energy. ONENESS (WHO WE ARE) is pretty much quintessential NEO 10Y. It embodies my message in a holistic and relatable way. I just want people to choose love, and end all oppression. We are the universe, and we have the chance to amplify love through education and spiritual expansion. Love is the Shortcut To World Peace, and ONENESS is a cosmic bop that allows us to be entertained, whilst manifesting! 

As a futuristic artist, how do you incorporate new technology into your music and performances to enhance the overall experience for your audience? How do you create 360º immersive experiences? 

The futurism comes with my message, and the immersive elements of my art start when I am writing and creating demos of my songs. The way we then design them in the studio reflects an expansive, universal energy that is both psychedelic and dimensional. I am fortunate enough to work with producers that help me realize my vision with sound technology and in turn this is reflected in my self-directed visuals and stage shows. Some highlights for me are performing at the Roundhouse, for Billboard in New York, Secret Garden Party and some recent shows I just did at subculture and EVITA in Los Angeles. 

You have been involved in the arts, intersectional LGBTQ+ community, and online activism. How do these aspects of your work intersect with your music and contribute to your mission of manifesting a protopian dimension of peace?

I think the least we can do is be vegan and consistently anti-oppression. I just try and lead by example and always choose love so that we, as a collective, can manifest peace on Earth. A short documentary just came out with Channel 4, where I went to Holland to take a double hero dose of magic mushrooms to discuss a vegan future with an anti-vegan. I’ve been doing protests and content with PETA and The Vegan Society, as well as performing at UK Black Pride and we are in the process of setting up a VEGAN PRIDE which takes on a more inclusive approach to activism, because speciesism is the root of all oppression. I’ve also been delivering my “Manifesting A Vegan Future” presentation to institutions that are looking to expand their education and consciousness. In essence, this is all tied into my music, as I always write and create with intention. 

You recently launched your own fragrance, GODDEX. What inspired you to venture into the world of fragrance, and how does it connect with your overall brand and artistic expression?

For years, I was a poster child for luxury fragrance houses, working as a creative and influencer, but as with most things in society, there is some unlearning to be done within the fragrance sector too. For example, most mainstream fragrances are still tested on animals and contain alcohol. We created GODDEX as the solution to these problems, it is the history and future of fragrance. GODDEX is cruelty-free, gender-free and alcohol-free, so it doesn’t age your skin. It actually moisturises it and lasts longer than a spray as it is comprised of organic essential oils! The smell is literally out of this world with notes of oud, vetiver, amber, tonka bean, vanilla, cardamom, sandalwood and rosewood 

With major endorsements from various media outlets and philanthropic organizations, how do you navigate the balance between artistic authenticity and commercial success in your career?

Great question. I feel that the organisations and institutions that I work with now feel aligned to my purpose. As a futurist, I try to use my voice and anything that I create to help society expand with intention. There are a tonne of brands that I cannot work with because of how they treat animals and people, but I am always willing to share my art and “Manifesting A Vegan Future” presentation with them to help them choose more compassionate approaches within what they are doing. We are in this together, and I am optimistic and believe that love prevails!

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Photography: Nik Pate